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PDFWAC 468-38-075

Special permit exemptions for authorized vehicles and/or loads.

(1) What special permit requirements/restrictions are exempted for an authorized overlength vehicle and/or load? The following exemptions for authorized overlength vehicles and/or loads include:
(a) The requirement to display "oversize load" signs (WAC 468-38-155(7));
(b) The requirement to cease operation on routes governed by commuter hour restrictions, and during holiday travel restrictions (WAC 468-38-175 (1) and (2));
(c) The requirement that approved night movement be stated on the special permit (WAC 468-38-175(3)); and
(d) The restriction for movement during winter road conditions when the following sign is displayed: "traction advisory/oversized vehicles prohibited" (WAC 468-38-095(8)). In addition to being an authorized vehicle, the vehicle must also comply with WAC 204-24-050 Use of tire chains or other traction devices.
(2) What overlength vehicles and/or loads are authorized to receive the exemptions? The following vehicles and/or loads are exempted from the requirements/restrictions identified in subsection (1) of this section:
(a) A truck-tractor/semi-trailer combination where the single trailer does not exceed fifty-six feet, including load;
(b) A truck-tractor/semi-trailer/trailer combination where the combined trailer length does not exceed sixty-eight feet, including load;
(c) A vehicle or vehicle combination with a front overhang not exceeding four feet beyond the three foot legal limit set in RCW 46.44.034 (see also bumper criteria set in RCW 46.37.517), and/or a rear overhang not exceeding fifteen feet;
(d) A single unit fixed load vehicle not exceeding an overall length of forty-five feet including the allowable overhangs in (c); and
(e) A nondivisible load, including the trailer upon which it is carried, not exceeding sixty-one feet.
(3) Are there exemptions for permitted vehicles exceeding legal height or width? Yes. A vehicle or vehicle combination that does not exceed a defined envelope of twelve feet wide, fourteen feet six inches high and an overall combined length of one hundred five feet is exempt from the restriction on movement at night, as referenced in subsection (1)(c) of this section.
(4) Are there exemptions for vehicles operating with an overweight special permit? Yes. A vehicle or vehicle combination operating on a special permit for overweight only, in compliance with all legal dimension limits, is exempt from all of the requirements/restrictions included in subsection (1)(a) through (d) of this section: Provided, That the vehicle or vehicle combination can maintain posted speed limits. This exemption may be used in conjunction with the height and width exemption in subsection (3) of this section.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.44.090. WSR 06-07-025, § 468-38-075, filed 3/7/06, effective 4/7/06; WSR 05-04-053, § 468-38-075, filed 1/28/05, effective 2/28/05; WSR 02-06-106, § 468-38-075, filed 3/5/02, effective 4/5/02; WSR 94-07-055 (Order 143), § 468-38-075, filed 3/11/94, effective 3/11/94; WSR 93-21-008 (Order 139), § 468-38-075, filed 10/8/93, effective 11/8/93.]
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