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PDFWAC 460-24A-130

Contents of investment advisory contract.

If you are an investment adviser registered or required to be registered under RCW 21.20.040, it is unlawful under RCW 21.20.020 and 21.20.030 for you to provide investment advice unless you have a written investment advisory contract with the person you are advising. Further, it is unlawful under RCW 21.20.020 and 21.20.030 for you to enter into, extend, or renew any investment advisory contract unless the contract provides in writing:
(1) The services to be provided, the term of the contract, the investment advisory fee, the formula for computing the fee, the amount of prepaid fee to be returned in the event of termination or nonperformance of the contract, and whether and the extent to which the contract grants discretionary authority to you and any limits on such authority. The contract must describe these items with specificity;
(2) A statement that you will make no direct or indirect assignment or transfer of the contract without the written consent of the client or other party to the contract. You may not assign a contract through implied or negative consent;
(3) A statement that you will not be compensated on the basis of a share of capital gains upon or capital appreciation of the funds or any portion of the funds of the client except as permitted under WAC 460-24A-150;
(4) A statement that if you are a partnership, you must notify the client or other party to the investment contract of any change in the membership of the partnership within a reasonable time after the change;
(5) A statement that if you are an investment adviser who has custody as a consequence of your authority to make withdrawals from client accounts to pay your advisory fee, the contract gives you the authority to deduct your advisory fees from the account held with the qualified custodian;
(6) The nature and extent to which you are granted proxy voting authority with respect to client securities;
(7) The terms for termination of the contract;
(8) The nature and extent to which you may deliver electronically the documents specified in WAC 460-24A-145, account statements, fee invoices, and other documents and the extent and manner in which a client may opt out of receiving documents electronically;
(9) A statement that you must deliver the brochure required by WAC 460-24A-150 to an advisory client or prospective advisory client not less than forty-eight hours prior to entering into any investment advisory contract with such client or prospective client. Alternately, if you will provide the brochure at the time of entering into any such contract, the investment advisory contract must provide that the advisory client has a right to terminate the contract without penalty within five business days after entering into the contract;
(10) A statement that the investment adviser must obtain the client's written consent in order to revise any material terms of the investment advisory contract;
(11) The full legal name of the investment adviser, the contact information for the investment adviser, and an indication of the preferred method for clients to contact the investment adviser;
(12) A statement that the investment adviser owes the client a fiduciary duty; and if the investment adviser manages a pooled investment vehicle, a statement that each investor in the pooled investment vehicle is a client of the investment adviser; and
(13) For clients residing in Washington, the advisory contract must not waive or limit compliance with, or require indemnification for any violations of, any provision of the Securities Act of Washington, chapter 21.20 RCW, or the rules adopted thereunder.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 21.20.005, 21.20.020, 21.20.030, 21.20.040, 21.20.050, 21.20.060, 21.20.070, 21.20.080, 21.20.090, 21.20.100, 21.20.330, 21.20.340, 21.20.450, and 21.20.702. WSR 19-03-133, § 460-24A-130, filed 1/18/19, effective 2/18/19; WSR 14-13-068, § 460-24A-130, filed 6/12/14, effective 7/13/14.]
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