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PDFWAC 434-840-080

Service of process.

(1) The secretary of state shall be an agent of the program participant upon whom any summons, writ, notice, demand, or process may be served.
(2) Service on the secretary of state of any such summons, writ, demand, notice, or process shall be made by mailing to the substitute address or by delivering to the secretary of state at his/her office in Olympia, WA: (a) Two copies of the summons, writ, notice, demand, or process; and (b) twenty-five dollars service-of-process fee for each action or document filed.
(3) If a summons, writ, notice, demand, or process is served on the secretary of state, the secretary of state shall immediately forward a copy to the program participant at the participant's current mailing address shown on the records.
(4) The secretary of state shall maintain in the program participant's file, a record of all summonses, writs, notices, demands, and processes served upon the secretary of state for that participant under RCW 40.24.030, which shall include the date of such service and the secretary of state's action.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 40.24.090. WSR 09-18-018, § 434-840-080, filed 8/21/09, effective 9/21/09; WSR 05-13-059, § 434-840-080, filed 6/9/05, effective 7/10/05; WSR 98-19-063, § 434-840-080, filed 9/16/98, effective 10/17/98. Statutory Authority: 1991 c 23. WSR 91-20-074, § 434-840-080, filed 9/26/91, effective 10/27/91.]
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