Chapter 434-261 WAC

Last Update: 4/19/18


(Formerly chapter 434-61 WAC)

WAC Sections

434-261-007Broken or missing seals.
434-261-010Counting center location—Direction of proceedings.
434-261-045Secure storage.
434-261-050Unsigned ballot declaration or mismatched signatures.
434-261-055Returned ballot lacking verification of identity.
434-261-070Manual inspection of ballots.
434-261-075Votes on something other than a ballot.
434-261-086Statewide standards on what is a vote.
434-261-100Ballot duplication procedures.
434-261-102Resolving ballots on digital scan vote tallying systems.
434-261-106Manual counting of ballots.
434-261-108Random check of ballot counting equipment.
434-261-110Election results anomalies.
434-261-112Direct recording electronic voting devices (DREs).
434-261-120Referral of questionable ballots to canvassing board.
434-261-125Free access system for provisional ballots.
434-261-130Opening ballot container.
434-261-140Precertification procedures.
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