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PDFWAC 392-345-045

Interdistrict cooperation in financing school construction—Project construction approval required—Rules and regulations governing.

A project to be constructed under interdistrict cooperative financing pursuant to provisions of RCW 28A.335.160 shall be subject to approval by the superintendent of public instruction only when state funding assistance is involved in the financing thereof and shall be in conformity with the applicable rules and regulations hereinafter prescribed. The applicant school district shall be responsible for compliance with said rules and regulations.
(1) Projects financed with state funding assistance.
(a) All rules and regulations promulgated by the superintendent of public instruction relating to school building construction shall govern the approval of an application for state funding assistance in financing an interdistrict cooperative project except such rules deemed by the superintendent of public instruction to be inapplicable to the said construction: Provided, That in the interest of program improvement and/or improvement in equalization of educational opportunities, the pertinent requirements relating to eligibility on the basis of number of unhoused children may be waived as shall be determined by the superintendent of public instruction.
(b) In determining the amount of state funding assistance, the principle to be applied shall be that each participating district, otherwise eligible for state funding assistance, shall receive such assistance on the basis of the computed area ratio. The amount that each participating district shall provide may be the percentage proportion that the value of its taxable property bears to the total value of taxable property of all participating districts or such other amounts as set forth in the contract submitted as are accepted and approved by the superintendent of public instruction.
(2) Application for additional state funding assistance. In the financing of interdistrict cooperative projects, applications for state funding assistance, in addition to the amount determined allocable under basic state support level provisions, shall be judged by the superintendent of public instruction on the basis of the need for said facilities for the expressed purpose of:
(a) Providing educational opportunities, including vocational skills programs not otherwise provided;
(b) Avoiding unnecessary duplication of specialized or unusually expensive educational programs or facilities; or
(c) Improving racial balance within and among participating districts.
(3) Determination of amount of additional state funding assistance. When in the judgment of the superintendent of public instruction an expressed need exists for an interdistrict cooperative project to achieve one or more of the expressed purposes as set forth in subsection (2) of this section and additional state funding assistance in financing said joint construction is necessary to meet such need, additional state funding assistance may be allowed in an amount to be determined by the superintendent of public instruction: Provided, That the total amount allotted shall not exceed ninety percent of the total project cost determined eligible for state funding assistance purposes: Provided further, That the total funds available to the superintendent of public instruction for the biennial period are sufficient to meet statewide needs for state funding assistance in providing necessary school facilities to individual school districts as well as for this purpose.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.525.020. WSR 10-09-040, § 392-345-045, filed 4/14/10, effective 5/15/10; WSR 06-16-031, amended and recodified as § 392-345-045, filed 7/25/06, effective 8/25/06; WSR 98-19-144, § 180-31-045, filed 9/23/98, effective 10/24/98.]
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