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PDFWAC 392-191A-140

Summative performance ratings—Descriptors.

(1) Unsatisfactory: Professional practice at Level 1 shows evidence of not understanding the concepts underlying individual components of the criteria. This level of practice is ineffective and inefficient and may represent practice that is harmful to student learning progress, professional learning environment, or individual teaching or leading practice. This level requires immediate intervention.
(2) Basic: Professional practice at Level 2 shows a developing understanding of the knowledge and skills of the criteria required to practice, but performance is inconsistent over a period of time due to lack of experience, expertise, and/or commitment. This level may be considered minimally competent for teachers or principals early in their careers but insufficient for more experienced teachers or principals. This level requires specific support.
(3) Proficient: Professional practice at Level 3 shows evidence of thorough knowledge of all aspects of the profession. This is successful, accomplished, professional, and effective practice. Teaching and leading at this level utilizes a broad repertoire of strategies and activities to support student learning. At this level, teaching and leading a school are strengthened and expanded through purposeful, collaborative sharing and learning with colleagues as well as ongoing self-reflection and professional improvement.
(4) Distinguished: Professional practice at Level 4 is that of a master professional whose practices operate at a qualitatively different level from those of other professional peers. To achieve this rating, a teacher or principal would need to have received a majority of distinguished ratings on the criterion scores. A teacher or principal at this level must show evidence of average to high impact on student growth. Ongoing, reflective teaching and leading is demonstrated through the highest level of expertise and commitment to all students' learning, challenging professional growth, and collaborative practice.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.405.100. WSR 13-05-009, § 392-191A-140, filed 2/7/13, effective 3/10/13.]
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