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PDFWAC 390-37-150

Commission reconsideration and judicial review of decisions.

(1) For purposes of this rule, "decision" means any findings, conclusions, order, or other action by the commission which is reviewable by a court.
(2) A decision may be reconsidered only upon (a) the request of a party by electronic writing or (b) the motion or written request, by electronic writing, of a commissioner who voted on the prevailing side when that decision was made.
(3) Such a request or motion for reconsideration shall be filed electronically at the office of the public disclosure commission (PDC), or motion made, within ten days of service of the decision of which reconsideration is sought. Copies of the request or motion shall be served electronically on all parties of record at the time the request for reconsideration or motion is filed.
(4) A request or motion for reconsideration shall specify the grounds therefor. Grounds for reconsideration shall be limited to:
(a) A request for review was deemed denied in accordance with WAC 390-37-144(4);
(b) New facts or legal authorities that could not have been brought to the commission's attention with reasonable diligence in time for the review process in WAC 390-37-144. If errors of fact are alleged, the requester must identify the specific evidence in the prior proceeding on which the requester is relying. If errors of law are alleged, the requester must identify the specific citation; or
(c) Significant typographical or ministerial errors in the order.
(5) Upon being served with a decision, the respondent may treat that decision as final for the purpose of petitioning for judicial review. The commission may not reconsider any decision after being served with a petition for judicial review.
(6) When a request for reconsideration is served, or motion made, enforcement of the decision of which reconsideration is sought shall be stayed and the decision shall not be final until the commission has acted on the request or motion for reconsideration.
(7) The commission is deemed to have denied the request or motion for reconsideration if, within twenty days from the date the request or motion is filed, the commission does not either (a) dispose of the request or motion, or (b) serve the parties with written notice specifying the date if will act upon the request or motion.
(8) The commission shall act on the reconsideration request or motion, at the next meeting at which it practicably may do so, by:
(a) Deciding whether to reconsider its decision; and
(b) If it decides to do so, either:
(i) Affirming its decision; or
(ii) Withdrawing or modifying the final order; or
(iii) Setting the matter for further hearing.
Provided, that before a decision may be amended other than by lowering a penalty, the respondent shall be given notice and an opportunity to be heard if, and in the same manner as, required for the original decision.
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