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PDFWAC 390-37-142

Brief enforcement hearing (brief adjudicative proceeding)Procedure.

(1) A brief adjudicative proceeding may be presided over by the chair, or a member of the commission designated by the chair.
(2) When a violation, as described in WAC 390-37-140, is alleged, before taking action, the executive director shall send the respondent notice, which shall include:
(a) Alleged violation;
(b) The maximum amount of the penalty that can be imposed at the hearing, relevant penalty schedules, and the amount of any proposed fine; and
(c) Person's right to respond either by electronic writing or in person.
(3) As provided in RCW 34.05.050, a respondent may waive the opportunity for a hearing by providing the following:
(a) A signed statement of understanding;
(b) Any missing required reports; and
(c) A penalty payment specified by the executive director in accordance with the penalty authority of WAC 390-37-140 and the brief enforcement hearing penalty schedules of this chapter.
(4) As used in this section, the term "statement of understanding" means a written statement signed by the respondent that:
(a) Acknowledges a violation of chapter 42.17A RCW and any relevant rules; and
(b) Expresses the respondent's understanding that the commission will not hold any adjudicative proceeding concerning the violation.
(5) At the time of the hearing if the presiding officer believes alleged violations are of such magnitude as to merit penalties greater than one thousand dollars, the presiding officer shall immediately adjourn the hearing and direct the matter be scheduled for an adjudicative proceeding by the full commission.
(6) Within thirty days after the hearing, the commission shall serve upon each party a written statement describing the violation, the reasons for the decision, the penalty imposed, and information about any internal administrative review or reconsideration available. The executive director is authorized to sign the decision on behalf of the presiding officer.
(7) The written decision of the presiding officer is an initial order. If no review is taken of the initial order, the initial order shall be the final order.
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