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PDFWAC 390-37-005

Complaint review and categorization.

(1) PDC staff, upon receiving or initiating a complaint, will promptly conduct an initial review and preliminarily assign matters to certain categories.
(2) Upon initial review, a matter may be preliminarily categorized as:
(a) Unfounded or frivolous, pursuant to WAC 390-37-060;
(b) A remediable violation, pursuant to RCW 42.17A.005;
(c) Appropriate for resolution as a technical correction, pursuant to RCW 42.17A.005;
(d) A minor violation, appropriate for alternative resolution alternatives, pursuant to WAC 390-37-061;
(e) Appropriate to initiate an investigation as to whether or not there has been a material violation;
(f) Appropriate for referral to the attorney general, pursuant to WAC 390-37-042; or
(g) Other status as authorized and appropriate under chapter 42.17A RCW or Title 390 WAC.
(3) Each enforcement matter will be posted on the PDC's public case-tracking database, where its status will be updated from time to time as appropriate until the matter is closed, to apprise the parties and general public.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 42.17A.110(1), 2019 c 428, and 2019 c 261. WSR 20-02-062, § 390-37-005, filed 12/24/19, effective 1/24/20. Statutory Authority: RCW 42.17A.110(1) and 2018 c 304. WSR 18-24-074, § 390-37-005, filed 11/30/18, effective 12/31/18.]
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