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Chapter 390-24 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF390-24-010Submissions for statement of financial affairs.
HTMLPDF390-24-025Time for filing statement of financial affairs.
HTMLPDF390-24-100DefinitionDirect financial interest.
HTMLPDF390-24-160DefinitionProfessional staff member.
HTMLPDF390-24-200Descriptions of real property.
HTMLPDF390-24-201Report of compensation by limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, and similar entities.
HTMLPDF390-24-202Report of compensation from sales commissions.
HTMLPDF390-24-203Reporting of field trips and other excursions.
HTMLPDF390-24-205Reporting on compensation received for legislation prepared, promoted or opposed, for the statement of financial affairs (F-1).
HTMLPDF390-24-210Report of officers and directors of financial institutions.
HTMLPDF390-24-211Reporting on public or private office held for the statement of financial affairs (F-1).
HTMLPDF390-24-301Changes in dollar amounts of reporting thresholds and code values for the statement of financial affairs (F-1).
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