Chapter 388-97 WAC

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Admission, Transfer and Discharge
388-97-0020Nursing facility care.
388-97-0040Discrimination prohibited.
388-97-0060Nursing facility admission and payment requirements.
388-97-0080Discharge planning.
388-97-0100Utilization review.
388-97-0120Individual transfer and discharge rights and procedures.
388-97-0140Transfer and discharge appeals for resident in medicare or medicaid certified facilities.
388-97-0160Discharge or leave of a nursing facility resident.
Resident Rights
388-97-0180Resident rights.
388-97-0200Free choice.
388-97-0220Statute implemented in resident decision making, informed consent, and advance directives.
388-97-0240Resident decision making.
388-97-0260Informed consent.
388-97-0280Advance directives.
388-97-0300Notice of rights and services.
388-97-0320Notification of changes.
388-97-0340Protection of resident funds.
388-97-0360Privacy and confidentiality.
388-97-0380Electronic monitoring equipment—Audio monitoring and video monitoring.
388-97-0400Electronic monitoring equipment—Resident requested use.
388-97-0440Self-administration of drugs.
388-97-0460Grievance rights.
388-97-0480Examination of survey results.
388-97-0500Resident mail.
388-97-0520Access and visitation rights.
388-97-0560Personal property.
388-97-0600Refusal of certain transfers.
388-97-0620Chemical and physical restraints.
388-97-0640Prevention of abuse.
388-97-0660Resident protection program definition.
388-97-0680Investigation of mandated reports.
388-97-0700Preliminary finding.
388-97-0720Notice to individual of preliminary findings.
388-97-0725Notice to others of preliminary findings.
388-97-0740Disputing a preliminary finding.
388-97-0760Hearing procedures to dispute preliminary finding.
388-97-0780Finalizing the preliminary finding.
388-97-0800Reporting final findings.
388-97-0820Appeal of administrative law judge's initial order or finding.
388-97-0840Disclosure of investigative and finding information.
Quality of Life
388-97-0860Resident dignity and accommodation of needs.
388-97-0900Self determination and participation.
388-97-0920Participation in resident and family groups.
388-97-0960Social services.
Resident Assessment and Plan of Care
388-97-1000Resident assessment.
388-97-1020Comprehensive plan of care.
388-97-1040Dementia care.
Quality of Care
388-97-1060Quality of care.
Nursing Services
388-97-1080Nursing services.
388-97-1090Direct care hours.
388-97-1100Dietary services.
388-97-1120Meal provision.
388-97-1140Individual dietary needs.
388-97-1160Dietary personnel.
388-97-1180Dietary menus.
388-97-1200Dietary orders.
388-97-1220Modified diets.
388-97-1240Tube feedings.
Physician Services
388-97-1260Physician services.
Specialized Habilitative and Rehabilitative Services
388-97-1280Specialized habilitative and rehabilitative services.
388-97-1300Pharmacy services.
Infection Control
388-97-1320Infection control.
388-97-1340Influenza and pneumococcal immunizations.
388-97-1360Surveillance, management and early identification of individuals with active tuberculosis.
388-97-1380Tuberculosis—Testing required.
388-97-1400Tuberculosis—Testing method—Required.
388-97-1440Tuberculosis—No testing.
388-97-1460Tuberculosis—One test.
388-97-1480Tuberculosis—Two-step skin testing.
388-97-1500Tuberculosis—Positive test result.
388-97-1520Tuberculosis—Negative test result.
388-97-1540Tuberculosis—Declining a skin test.
388-97-1580Tuberculosis—Test records.
388-97-1600Care of residents with active tuberculosis.
388-97-1620General administration.
388-97-1640Required notification and reporting.
388-97-1660Staff and equipment.
388-97-1680Staff development.
388-97-1700Medical director.
388-97-1720Clinical records.
388-97-1740Disaster and emergency preparedness.
388-97-1760Quality assessment and assurance.
388-97-1780Policies and procedures.
388-97-1790Background checks—General.
388-97-1800Criminal history disclosure and background inquiries.
388-97-1820Disqualification from nursing home employment.
388-97-1840Retaliation or discrimination prohibited.
Miscellaneous Services
388-97-1860Laundry services.
388-97-1880Short-term care, including respite services and adult day or night care.
388-97-1900Dialysis services.
Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) in Medicaid Certified Facilities.
388-97-1910Definitions related with PASRR.
388-97-1915PASRR requirements prior to admission of new residents.
388-97-1975PASRR requirements after admission of a resident.
388-97-2000Preadmission screening and resident review (PASRR) determination and appeal rights.
Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded
388-97-2020Intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
388-97-2060New construction compliance.
388-97-2080Fire standards and approval, and other standards.
388-97-2100Maintenance and repair.
388-97-2140Accessibility in new construction.
388-97-2160Types of new construction.
388-97-2180ICF/IID exceptions to physical plan requirements.
388-97-2200Emergency power.
Resident Care Unit
388-97-2220Location of the resident care unit.
388-97-2240Required service areas on resident care units.
388-97-2260Staff work stations on resident care units.
388-97-2280Call systems on resident care units.
388-97-2300Telephones on resident care units.
388-97-2320Utility service rooms on resident care units.
388-97-2340Drug facilities on resident care units.
388-97-2360Linen storage on resident care units.
388-97-2380Janitors closets on resident care units.
Resident Rooms
388-97-2400Resident rooms.
388-97-2420Capacity of resident rooms.
388-97-2440Size of resident rooms.
388-97-2460Privacy in resident rooms.
388-97-2480Resident isolation rooms.
388-97-2500Resident room size variance.
Resident Room Equipment
388-97-2520Resident room equipment.
388-97-2540Resident bed and bedside equipment.
388-97-2560Lockable storage space in a resident room.
388-97-2580Wardrobes in a resident room.
388-97-2600Seating in a resident room.
388-97-2620Lighting in resident rooms.
388-97-2640Call signal device in resident rooms.
388-97-2660Cubicle curtains in resident rooms.
388-97-2680Miscellaneous equipment in resident rooms in a new building or addition.
Resident Toilet and Bathing Facilities
388-97-2700Resident toilet facilities or rooms.
388-97-2720Resident bathing facilities or rooms.
388-97-2740Locks in toilet and bathing facilities.
Dining, Dayrooms, and Resident Activity Areas
388-97-2760Dining, dayrooms, and resident activity areas.
Laundry Services
388-97-2780Laundry services and storage.
Dementia Care Unit
388-97-2800Dementia care unit.
388-97-2820Dining areas on a dementia care unit.
388-97-2840Outdoor areas on a dementia care unit.
388-97-2860Indoor areas on a dementia care unit.
388-97-2880Ambulation route on a dementia care unit in a new building or addition.
388-97-2900Physical plant on a dementia care unit.
388-97-2920Special egress control devices on a dementia care unit.
Specialized and Outpatient Rehabilitation
388-97-2940Specialized rehabilitation.
388-97-2960Outpatient rehabilitation.
Food Services Areas
388-97-2980Food service areas.
388-97-3000Storage of equipment.
388-97-3020Storage of resident room equipment in a new building or addition.
388-97-3040General storage in new construction.
Lighting and Electrical
388-97-3080Natural or artificial light.
388-97-3100Outside lighting.
388-97-3120Light shields.
388-97-3140Illumination levels in new buildings and additions.
388-97-3160Night lights in new construction.
388-97-3180Switches in new construction.
388-97-3200Electrical outlets.
388-97-3240Safety—Poisons and nonmedical chemicals.
388-97-3260Safety—Storage of equipment and supplies.
Water Supply
388-97-3300Water supply.
388-97-3320Hot water.
388-97-3340Cross connections.
Pest Control and Sewage and Waste Disposal
388-97-3360Pest control.
388-97-3380Sewage and liquid waste disposal.
New Construction Documents
388-97-3400General new construction documents.
388-97-3420Preliminary new construction documents.
388-97-3440Final new construction documents.
388-97-3460Preinstallation submissions for new construction.
388-97-3480New construction timelines.
388-97-3500Exemptions to new construction requirements.
Codes and Standards in New Construction
388-97-3520State building code in new construction.
388-97-3540Electrical codes and standards in new construction.
388-97-3560Elevator codes in new construction.
388-97-3580Local codes and ordinances in new construction.
Administration and Public Areas in New Construction
388-97-3600Entrances and exits in new construction.
388-97-3620Lobbies in new construction.
388-97-3640Interview space in new construction.
388-97-3660Offices in new construction.
388-97-3680Inservice education space in new construction.
388-97-3700Staff areas in new construction.
Visiting, Private, and Outdoor Recreation Space and Walkways in New Construction
388-97-3720Visiting and private space in new construction.
388-97-3740Outdoor recreation space and walkways in new construction.
Pools and Pharmacies in New Construction
388-97-3760Pools in new construction.
388-97-3780Pharmacies in new construction.
General Design Requirements in New Construction
388-97-3800Elevators in new construction.
388-97-3840Walking surfaces in a new building or addition.
388-97-3860Doors in new construction.
388-97-3880Floor finishes in new construction.
388-97-3900Carpets in new construction.
388-97-3920Coving in new construction.
388-97-3940Walls in new construction.
388-97-3960Accessories in new construction.
388-97-3980Miscellaneous in new construction.
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems in New Construction
388-97-4000Heating systems in new construction.
388-97-4020Cooling systems in new construction.
388-97-4040Ventilation systems in new construction.
Plumbing and Fixtures in New Construction
388-97-4060Handwashing sinks in new construction.
388-97-4080Drinking fountains in new construction.
388-97-4100Mixing valves or mixing faucets in new construction.
388-97-4120Spouts in new construction.
388-97-4140Faucet controls in new construction.
Initial License Application
388-97-4160Initial nursing home license.
388-97-4166Liability insurance required.
388-97-4167Liability insurance required—Commercial general liability insurance or business liability insurance coverage.
388-97-4168Liability insurance required—Professional liability insurance coverage.
License Renewal
388-97-4180Nursing home license renewal.
Department Review of License Applications and Appeals
388-97-4200Department review of initial nursing home license applications.
388-97-4220Reasons for denial, suspension, modification, revocation of, or refusal to renew a nursing home license.
388-97-4240Appeal of the department's licensing decision.
Management Agreements and Changes of Ownership
388-97-4260Management agreements.
388-97-4280Change of ownership.
Licensed Bed Capacity, Relocation of Residents and License Relinquishment
388-97-4300Licensed bed capacity.
388-97-4320Relocation of residents.
388-97-4340License relinquishment.
388-97-4360Inspections and deficiency citation report.
388-97-4380Plan of correction.
388-97-4400Acceptable and unacceptable plans of correction.
388-97-4420Informal department review.
388-97-4425Notice—Service complete.
388-97-4430Notice—Proof of service.
388-97-4440Appeal rights.
388-97-4480Criteria for imposing optional remedies.
388-97-4500Severity and scope of deficiencies.
388-97-4520Separate deficiencies—Separate remedies.
388-97-4540Stop placement.
388-97-4560Amount of civil fine.
388-97-4580Civil fine accrual and due dates and interest.
388-97-4600Civil penalty fund.
388-97-4620Temporary management.
388-97-4660Temporary managers and receivers—Application.
388-97-4680Temporary managers and receivers—Considerations before appointment.
388-97-4700Duties and powers of temporary manager and receiver.
388-97-4720Termination of temporary management and receivership.
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