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Chapter 388-96 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF388-96-011Conditions of participation.
HTMLPDF388-96-012Public disclosure.
HTMLPDF388-96-020Prospective cost-related payment.
HTMLPDF388-96-022Due dates for cost reports.
HTMLPDF388-96-026New contractors.
HTMLPDF388-96-099Completing cost reports and maintaining records.
HTMLPDF388-96-102Requirements for retention of records by the contractor.
HTMLPDF388-96-105Retention of cost reports and resident assessment information by the department.
HTMLPDF388-96-107Requests for extensions.
HTMLPDF388-96-108Failure to submit final reports.
HTMLPDF388-96-117Certification requirement.
HTMLPDF388-96-119ReportsFalse information.
HTMLPDF388-96-122Amendments to reports.
HTMLPDF388-96-205Purposes of department auditsExaminationIncomplete or incorrect reportsContractor's dutiesAccess to facilityFinesAdverse rate actions.
HTMLPDF388-96-208Reconciliation of medicaid resident days to billed days and medicaid paymentsPayments dueAccrued interestWithholding funds.
HTMLPDF388-96-211Proposed settlement reportPayment refundsOverpaymentsDetermination of unused rate fundsTotal and component payment rates.
HTMLPDF388-96-217Civil fines.
HTMLPDF388-96-218Proposed, preliminary, and final settlements.
HTMLPDF388-96-310Interest on other excess payments.
HTMLPDF388-96-366Facility records and handling of resident moneys.
HTMLPDF388-96-369The nursing facility shall maintain a subsidiary ledger with an account for each resident for whom the facility holds money.
HTMLPDF388-96-372The nursing facility may maintain a petty cash fund originating from resident personal funds of an amount reasonable and necessary for the size of the facility and the needs of the residents.
HTMLPDF388-96-375Resident personal funds control/disbursement.
HTMLPDF388-96-378Resident personal funds availability.
HTMLPDF388-96-381Procedure for refunding resident personal funds.
HTMLPDF388-96-384Liquidation or transfer of resident personal funds.
HTMLPDF388-96-499Principles of allowable costs.
HTMLPDF388-96-502Secondary and overhead costs.
HTMLPDF388-96-505Offset of miscellaneous revenues.
HTMLPDF388-96-525Education and training.
HTMLPDF388-96-528Payments to related organizationsLimitsDocumentation.
HTMLPDF388-96-530What will be allowable compensation for owners, relatives, licensed administrator, assistant administrator, and/or administrator-in-training?
HTMLPDF388-96-532Does the contractor have to maintain time records?
HTMLPDF388-96-535Management agreements, management fees, and central office services.
HTMLPDF388-96-536Does the department limit the allowable compensation for an owner or relative of an owner?
HTMLPDF388-96-542Home office or central office.
HTMLPDF388-96-556Initial cost of operation.
HTMLPDF388-96-580Operating leases of office equipment.
HTMLPDF388-96-585Unallowable costs.
HTMLPDF388-96-704Prospective payment rates.
HTMLPDF388-96-705Payment for services after settlement.
HTMLPDF388-96-710Prospective payment rate for new contractors.
HTMLPDF388-96-713Rate determination.
HTMLPDF388-96-718Public process for determination of rates.
HTMLPDF388-96-723Comparison of the statewide weighted average payment rate for all nursing facilities with the weighted average payment rate identified in the Biennial Appropriations Act.
HTMLPDF388-96-724Advance noticeNursing facility component rate reduction taken under RCW 74.46.421.
HTMLPDF388-96-725RCW 74.46.421 rate reductionA nursing facility's rates.
HTMLPDF388-96-726RCW 74.46.421 nursing facility component rates below the statewide weighted average payment rate identified in the Biennial Appropriations Act.
HTMLPDF388-96-730Methodology for reducing a nursing facility's medicaid payment rate in order to reduce the statewide weighted average nursing facility medicaid payment rate to equal or be less than the weighted average payment rate identified in the Biennial Appropriations Act.
HTMLPDF388-96-731Nursing facilities' rate reductions pursuant to RCW 74.46.421.
HTMLPDF388-96-738What default case mix group and weight must the department use for case mix grouping when there is no minimum data set resident assessment for a nursing facility resident?
HTMLPDF388-96-739How will the department determine which resident assessments are medicaid resident assessments?
HTMLPDF388-96-757Payment for veterans' homes.
HTMLPDF388-96-758Add-on for low-wage workers.
HTMLPDF388-96-759Standards for low-wage worker add-on.
HTMLPDF388-96-760Upper limits to the payment rate.
HTMLPDF388-96-777Add-ons to the prospective rateInitiated by the department.
HTMLPDF388-96-781Exceptional care rate add-onCovered medicaid residents.
HTMLPDF388-96-782Exceptional direct care—Payment.
HTMLPDF388-96-785Supplemental payments.
HTMLPDF388-96-803Notification of participationResponsibility to collectReporting medicaid recipient's changes in income/resourcesRate payment in full for services.
HTMLPDF388-96-805Suspension of payments.
HTMLPDF388-96-808Change of ownershipAssignment of department's contract.
HTMLPDF388-96-809Change of ownershipFinal reportsSettlement securities.
HTMLPDF388-96-904Administrative reviewAdjudicative proceeding.
HTMLPDF388-96-905Case mix accuracy review of MDS nursing facility resident assessments.
HTMLPDF388-96-906Section captions.
HTMLPDF388-96-910Safety net assessment.
HTMLPDF388-96-915Capital componentSquare footage.
HTMLPDF388-96-916Capital componentFacility age.
HTMLPDF388-96-917Direct careCounty wage information.
HTMLPDF388-96-918Wage equity funding.
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