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Chapter 388-845 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF388-845-0005What are home and community based services (HCBS) waivers?
HTMLPDF388-845-0010What is the purpose of HCBS waivers?
HTMLPDF388-845-0015What HCBS waivers are provided by the developmental disabilities administration (DDA)?
HTMLPDF388-845-0020When were the HCBS waivers effective?
HTMLPDF388-845-0030Do I meet criteria for HCBS waiver-funded services?
HTMLPDF388-845-0031Can I be enrolled in more than one HCBS waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0035Am I guaranteed placement on a waiver if I meet waiver criteria?
HTMLPDF388-845-0040Is there a limit to the number of people who can be enrolled in each HCBS waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0041What is DDA's responsibility to provide your services under the DDA HCBS waivers administered by DDA?
HTMLPDF388-845-0045When there is capacity to add people to a waiver, how does DDA determine who will be enrolled?
HTMLPDF388-845-0050How do I request to be enrolled in a waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0051How will I be notified of the decision by DDA to enroll me in a waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0052What is the process if I am already on a DDA HCBS waiver and request enrollment onto a different DDA HCBS waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0055How do I remain eligible for the waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0060Can your waiver enrollment be terminated?
HTMLPDF388-845-0065What happens if I am terminated or choose to disenroll from a waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0070What determines if I need ICF/IID level of care?
HTMLPDF388-845-0100What determines which waiver I am assigned to?
HTMLPDF388-845-0105What criteria determine assignment to the community protection waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0110What are the limits to the waiver services you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-0111Are there limitations regarding who can provide services?
HTMLPDF388-845-0113When may I receive waiver services through teleservice?
HTMLPDF388-845-0115Does your waiver eligibility limit your access to DDA nonwaiver services?
HTMLPDF388-845-0120Will I continue to receive state supplementary payments (SSP) if I am on the waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0200What waiver services are available to you?
HTMLPDF388-845-0210What services are available under the basic plus waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0215What services are available under the core waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0220What services are available under the community protection waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0225What services are available under the children's intensive in-home behavioral support (CIIBS) waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0230What services are available under the individual and family services (IFS) waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-0415What is assistive technology?
HTMLPDF388-845-0420Who may be a qualified provider of assistive technology?
HTMLPDF388-845-0425Are there limits to the assistive technology you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-0500What is positive behavior support and consultation?
HTMLPDF388-845-0505Who is a qualified provider of positive behavior support and consultation?
HTMLPDF388-845-0510Are there limits to the positive behavior support and consultation you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-0515What is extermination of bedbugs?
HTMLPDF388-845-0520Who are qualified providers of extermination of bedbugs?
HTMLPDF388-845-0525Are there limits to the extermination of bedbugs services I may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-0600What are community inclusion services?
HTMLPDF388-845-0603Who is eligible to receive community inclusion services?
HTMLPDF388-845-0605Who are qualified providers of community inclusion services?
HTMLPDF388-845-0610Are there limits to community inclusion services you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-0650What is community engagement?
HTMLPDF388-845-0655Who are qualified providers of community engagement?
HTMLPDF388-845-0660Are there limits to the community engagement you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-0750What are community transition services?
HTMLPDF388-845-0755Who are qualified providers of community transition services?
HTMLPDF388-845-0760Are there limits to community transition services I can receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-0800What is emergency assistance funding?
HTMLPDF388-845-0805Who is a qualified provider of emergency assistance funding?
HTMLPDF388-845-0810How do I qualify for emergency assistance funding?
HTMLPDF388-845-0820Are there limits to your use of emergency assistance funding?
HTMLPDF388-845-0900What are environmental adaptations?
HTMLPDF388-845-0905Who is a qualified provider for environmental adaptations?
HTMLPDF388-845-0910What limits apply to environmental adaptations?
HTMLPDF388-845-0920What is equine therapy?
HTMLPDF388-845-0930Who are qualified providers of equine therapy?
HTMLPDF388-845-0940Are there limits to the equine therapy I may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-0945What is remote support?
HTMLPDF388-845-0950Who are qualified providers of remote support?
HTMLPDF388-845-0955Are there limits to the remote support I may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-1030What are individualized technical assistance services?
HTMLPDF388-845-1035Who are qualified providers of individualized technical assistance services?
HTMLPDF388-845-1040Are there limits to the individualized technical assistance services you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-1100What are stabilization services - crisis diversion bed?
HTMLPDF388-845-1101Where may stabilization services - crisis diversion bed be provided?
HTMLPDF388-845-1105Who is a qualified provider of stabilization services - crisis diversion bed?
HTMLPDF388-845-1110What are the limits of stabilization services - crisis diversion bed?
HTMLPDF388-845-1150What are stabilization services?
HTMLPDF388-845-1155Who are qualified providers of stabilization services?
HTMLPDF388-845-1160Are there limits to the stabilization services that you can receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-1161What is music therapy?
HTMLPDF388-845-1162Who are qualified providers of music therapy?
HTMLPDF388-845-1163Are there limits to the music therapy I may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-1170What is nurse delegation?
HTMLPDF388-845-1175Who is a qualified provider of nurse delegation?
HTMLPDF388-845-1180Are there limitations to the nurse delegation services that you receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-1181What is occupational therapy?
HTMLPDF388-845-1182Who may be a qualified provider of occupational therapy?
HTMLPDF388-845-1183Are there limits to occupational therapy?
HTMLPDF388-845-1190What is peer mentoring?
HTMLPDF388-845-1191Who are qualified providers of peer mentoring?
HTMLPDF388-845-1192What limits apply to peer mentoring?
HTMLPDF388-845-1195What is person-centered plan facilitation?
HTMLPDF388-845-1196Who are qualified providers of person-centered plan facilitation?
HTMLPDF388-845-1197What are the limits for person-centered plan facilitation?
HTMLPDF388-845-1315What is physical therapy?
HTMLPDF388-845-1316Who may be a qualified provider of physical therapy?
HTMLPDF388-845-1317Are there limits to physical therapy?
HTMLPDF388-845-1500What are residential habilitation services?
HTMLPDF388-845-1505Who are qualified providers of residential habilitation services for the core waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-1510Who are qualified providers of residential habilitation services for the community protection waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-1515Are there limits to the residential habilitation services I may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-1600What is respite care?
HTMLPDF388-845-1605Who is eligible to receive respite care?
HTMLPDF388-845-1607Can someone who lives with you be your respite provider?
HTMLPDF388-845-1610Where may respite care be provided?
HTMLPDF388-845-1615Who may be qualified providers of respite care?
HTMLPDF388-845-1620Are there limits to the respite care you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-1650What is a risk assessment?
HTMLPDF388-845-1655Who is a qualified provider of a risk assessment?
HTMLPDF388-845-1660Are there limits to the risk assessment you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-1700What is waiver skilled nursing?
HTMLPDF388-845-1705Who is a qualified provider of skilled nursing services?
HTMLPDF388-845-1710Are there limits to the skilled nursing services you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-1800What are specialized equipment and supplies?
HTMLPDF388-845-1805Who are the qualified providers of specialized equipment and supplies?
HTMLPDF388-845-1810Are there limits to the specialized equipment and supplies you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-1855What is specialized clothing?
HTMLPDF388-845-1860Who are qualified providers of specialized clothing?
HTMLPDF388-845-1865Are there limits to your receipt of specialized clothing?
HTMLPDF388-845-1870What are specialized habilitation services?
HTMLPDF388-845-1880Who are qualified providers of specialized habilitation services?
HTMLPDF388-845-1890Are there limits to the specialized habilitation I may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-1915What are speech, hearing, and language services?
HTMLPDF388-845-1916Who may be a qualified provider of speech, hearing, and language services?
HTMLPDF388-845-1917Are there limits to the speech, hearing, and language services you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-2000What is staff and family consultation?
HTMLPDF388-845-2005Who is a qualified provider of staff and family consultation?
HTMLPDF388-845-2010Are there limits to the staff and family consultation you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-2019What modifications to waiver services apply during the COVID-19 outbreak?
HTMLPDF388-845-2100What are supported employment services?
HTMLPDF388-845-2105Who are qualified providers of supported employment services?
HTMLPDF388-845-2110Are there limits to the supported employment services you may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-2130What are supported parenting services?
HTMLPDF388-845-2135Who are qualified providers of supported parenting services?
HTMLPDF388-845-2140Are there any limitations on your receipt of supported parenting services?
HTMLPDF388-845-2141What is specialized evaluation and consultation?
HTMLPDF388-845-2142Who are qualified providers of specialized evaluation and consultation services?
HTMLPDF388-845-2143What are the limits to specialized evaluation and consultation services?
HTMLPDF388-845-2145What are therapeutic adaptations?
HTMLPDF388-845-2150Who is a qualified provider of therapeutic adaptations?
HTMLPDF388-845-2155Are there limits to the therapeutic adaptations I may receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-2200What are transportation services?
HTMLPDF388-845-2205Who is qualified to provide transportation services?
HTMLPDF388-845-2210Are there limitations to the transportation services you can receive?
HTMLPDF388-845-2260What are vehicle modifications?
HTMLPDF388-845-2265Who are providers of vehicle modifications?
HTMLPDF388-845-2270Are there limits to your receipt of vehicle modification services?
HTMLPDF388-845-2280What is wellness education?
HTMLPDF388-845-2283How are my wellness educational materials selected?
HTMLPDF388-845-2285Are there limits to wellness education?
HTMLPDF388-845-2290Who are qualified providers of wellness education?
HTMLPDF388-845-3000What is the process for determining the services you need?
HTMLPDF388-845-3015How is the waiver respite assessment administered?
HTMLPDF388-845-3020Who can be the respondent for the waiver respite assessment?
HTMLPDF388-845-3055What is a person-centered service plan?
HTMLPDF388-845-3056What if you need assistance to understand your person-centered service plan?
HTMLPDF388-845-3060When is your person-centered service plan effective?
HTMLPDF388-845-3061Can a change in your person-centered service plan be effective before you sign it?
HTMLPDF388-845-3062Who is required to sign the person-centered service plan and how can it be signed?
HTMLPDF388-845-3063Can your person-centered service plan be effective before the end of the month?
HTMLPDF388-845-3065How long is your plan effective?
HTMLPDF388-845-3070What happens if you do not sign your person-centered service plan?
HTMLPDF388-845-3075What if your needs change?
HTMLPDF388-845-3080What if my needs exceed the maximum yearly funding limit or the scope of services under the basic plus waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-3085What if your needs exceed what can be provided under the IFS, CIIBS, core, or community protection waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-3090What if my identified health and welfare needs are less than what is provided in my current waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-3095Will I have to pay toward the cost of waiver services?
HTMLPDF388-845-4000What are my appeal rights under the waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-4005Can I appeal a denial of my request to be enrolled in a waiver?
HTMLPDF388-845-4010How do I appeal a department action?
HTMLPDF388-845-4015Will my services continue during an appeal?
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