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Chapter 388-826 WAC

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HTMLPDF388-826-0001What are voluntary placement services?
HTMLPDF388-826-0005What definitions apply to this chapter?
HTMLPDF388-826-0010Who is eligible for voluntary placement services?
HTMLPDF388-826-0011What do voluntary placement services include?
HTMLPDF388-826-0016Where may a client receive voluntary placement services?
HTMLPDF388-826-0040What is the voluntary placement agreement?
HTMLPDF388-826-0041What is a shared parenting plan?
HTMLPDF388-826-0050What are the judicial requirements for a child receiving voluntary placement services?
HTMLPDF388-826-0070What are the department's responsibilities for a child receiving voluntary placement services?
HTMLPDF388-826-0071What are the responsibilities of the licensed provider supporting a client receiving voluntary placement services?
HTMLPDF388-826-0072What training must a licensed staffed residential or SOLA employee complete?
HTMLPDF388-826-0075What are a parent or legal guardian's responsibilities when their child is receiving voluntary placement services?
HTMLPDF388-826-0077Who is eligible for respite services?
HTMLPDF388-826-0078Who may provide respite services to a client receiving voluntary placement services in a child foster home?
HTMLPDF388-826-0079What limits apply to respite services?
HTMLPDF388-826-0090What does a parent do with the child's Social Security benefits when the parent's child lives outside the parent's home?
HTMLPDF388-826-0095Who pays for a child's care when a child is in out-of-home placement?
HTMLPDF388-826-0130How does the department determine the rate to support a client in a licensed foster home?
HTMLPDF388-826-0133What is the representative payee's role?
HTMLPDF388-826-0138What questions are in the foster care rate assessment and how are answers scored?
HTMLPDF388-826-0145How does DDA determine the foster care level from the raw score?
HTMLPDF388-826-0150What happens if a significant change assessment occurs?
HTMLPDF388-826-0160Are foster care rates appealable?
HTMLPDF388-826-0170How does the department determine the rate to support a client in a licensed staffed residential home?
HTMLPDF388-826-0175How does the department determine the rate to support a medically fragile client in a group care facility?
HTMLPDF388-826-0200What happens if a licensed provider terminates a client's out-of-home placement?
HTMLPDF388-826-0205What happens when a client, parent, or legal guardian requests a different provider?
HTMLPDF388-826-0230What happens after a client turns eighteen?
HTMLPDF388-826-0240Who may appeal a department action?
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