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PDFWAC 388-444-0015

How can the basic food employment and training (BFET) program help me find work?

The basic food employment and training (BFET) program is the name for Washington's voluntary supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) employment and training program.
(1) If you receive federally funded basic food benefits and are at least sixteen years of age or older (see additional requirements to serve sixteen to seventeen year olds below) and are able to work at least twenty hours per week (see additional requirements below), you may choose to receive services through the BFET program in one or more of the following activities, if we currently provide the service in the county where you live:
(a) Job search and training, which may include:
(i) Labor market information;
(ii) Job seeking skills instruction;
(iii) Resume writing;
(iv) Job skills assessment;
(v) Coaching;
(vi) Work ethic training; or
(vii) Job placement services.
(b) Supervised job search, which may include:
(i) Use of computer, email, fax, telephone;
(ii) Search of job listings; and
(iii) Securing identification, professional license, or certifications.
(c) Basic education, which may include:
(i) Education in basic computer skills;
(ii) Literacy or math training;
(iii) High school equivalency (formerly GED);
(iv) Basic education for adults (BEA); or
(v) English as a second language (ESL).
(d) Life skills, which may include:
(i) Work preparation;
(ii) Health and well-being;
(iii) Effective communication;
(iv) Personal strength builders;
(v) Community engagement.
(e) Vocational education, which may be:
(i) Credentialed;
(ii) Recognized by an independent third party; or
(iii) Accepted by local industry employers.
(f) Job retention services, which may include:
(i) Counseling;
(ii) Coaching;
(iii) Case management; and
(iv) Participant reimbursements.
(g) Paid or unpaid work.
(2) If you are eligible to participate in BFET activities, you must be able to participate in BFET twenty hours per week, up to forty hours per week.
(a) Youth ages sixteen to seventeen may participate in BFET programs, whether they receive basic food benefits independently or through their parents basic food case.
(i) The participation exception for youth are secondary education, or high school equivalency classes.
(ii) Youth may participate in vocational education programs if they have received or in the process of receiving their high school equivalency.
(iii) Youth sixteen years and older do not require parental consent to participate in BFET.
(iv) Persons with a verified disability (which may include those receiving services from the division of vocational rehabilitation) may be eligible for BFET services.
(3) If you are an able bodied adult without dependents (ABAWD) and able to work, you may be eligible for BFET services.
(4) If you receive employment and training services within multiple department of social and health services administrations, you cannot receive duplication of services, nor duplication of support services.
(5) If you receive benefits under the state-funded food assistance program (FAP), you are not eligible to participate in BFET.
(6) If you receive temporary assistance to needy families (TANF), you are not eligible to participate in BFET.
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