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Chapter 388-436 WAC

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HTMLPDF388-436-0002If my family has an emergency, can I get help from DSHS to get or keep our housing or utilities?
HTMLPDF388-436-0015Consolidated emergency assistance program (CEAP).
HTMLPDF388-436-0020CEAP assistance unit composition.
HTMLPDF388-436-0030How does my eligibility for other possible cash benefits impact my eligibility for CEAP?
HTMLPDF388-436-0035Income and resources for CEAP.
HTMLPDF388-436-0040Excluded income and resources for CEAP.
HTMLPDF388-436-0045Income deductions for CEAP.
HTMLPDF388-436-0050Determining financial need and benefit amount for CEAP.
HTMLPDF388-436-0055What is the disaster cash assistance program (DCAP)?
HTMLPDF388-436-0060How much money can I receive from the disaster cash assistance program (DCAP)?
HTMLPDF388-436-0065What is the pandemic emergency assistance fund (PEAF)?
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