Chapter 388-424 WAC

Last Update: 12/26/14


WAC Sections

388-424-0001Citizenship and alien status—Definitions.
388-424-0006Citizenship and alien status—Date of entry.
388-424-0007Citizenship and alien status—Armed services or veteran status.
388-424-0008Citizenship and alien status—Work quarters.
388-424-0009Citizenship and alien status—Social Security number (SSN) requirements.
388-424-0010Citizenship and alien status—Eligibility for TANF.
388-424-0015Immigrant eligibility restrictions for the state family assistance, ABD cash and PWA programs.
388-424-0020How does my alien status impact my eligibility for federally funded Basic Food benefits?
388-424-0030How does my alien status impact my eligibility for state-funded benefits under the food assistance program?
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