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PDFWAC 388-310-0300

WorkFirstInfant care exemptions for mandatory participants.

(1) When may I be exempted from participating in WorkFirst activities if I am a mandatory participant?
Either you or the other parent, living in the household, may claim an infant exemption from participating in WorkFirst activities provided you:
(a) Have a child under two years of age;
(b) Choose to not fully participate in the WorkFirst program (see WAC 388-310-0400); and
(c) Have not used up your lifetime 24 month infant exemption.
(2) If I choose my infant exemption, may I still be required to participate in the WorkFirst program?
You are required to participate up to 20 hours per week in mental health treatment, chemical dependency treatment, or a combination of these, if:
(a) The comprehensive evaluation or assessment indicates a need; and
(b) Services are available in your community.
(3) May I volunteer to participate in WorkFirst while I have a child under two years of age?
You may choose to fully participate in WorkFirst (see WAC 388-310-0400) while you have a child under two years of age. If you decide later to stop participating and you still qualify for an exemption, you will return to exempt status with no financial penalty provided you meet the conditions of subsections (1) and (2) of this section.
(4) Does an infant exemption from participation affect my 60 month time limit for receiving temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) or state family assistance (SFA) benefits?
Even if you are exempt from participation, each month you receive a TANF/SFA grant counts toward your 60 month limit (see WAC 388-484-0005).
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