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PDFWAC 388-14A-2205

How can a custodial parent be excused from payment of the annual fee?

(1) WAC 388-14A-2200 describes the cases that qualify for the thirty-five dollar annual fee.
(2) A custodial parent (CP) seeking to be excused from payment of the fee may provide proof that he or she is exempt from the fee because he or she received TANF, Tribal TANF or AFDC from another state or tribe.
(3) A CP may request a conference board under WAC 388-14A-6400 to request a waiver of the fee for hardship reasons. The CP must provide proof that hardship in the CP's household justifies waiver of the fee.
(4) Payment of the annual fee in another state does not excuse the CP from the annual fee charged for a Washington case.
(5) If the CP seeks a waiver from payment of the annual fee during a year when the fee has already been collected, the fee for that year is not refunded, but DCS waives collection of the fee for future years unless the waiver is overturned at a later time.
[Statutory Authority: 2019 c 275 § 4, RCW 26.09.170, 74.20A.059, 26.09.105, 26.18.170, 74.04.055, 74.08.090, 74.20.040(9), and 74.20A.310. WSR 20-04-031, § 388-14A-2205, filed 1/28/20, effective 2/28/20. Statutory Authority: 2007 c 143, §§ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9. WSR 08-12-029, § 388-14A-2205, filed 5/29/08, effective 7/1/08.]
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