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WAC 363-11-400

Stipulations and admissions of record.

The existence or nonexistence of a material fact, as made or agreed in a stipulation or in an admission of record, will be conclusively presumed against any party bound thereby, and no other evidence with respect thereto will be received upon behalf of such party, provided:
(1) Upon whom binding. Such a stipulation or admission is binding upon the parties by whom it is made, their privies and upon all other parties to the proceeding who do not expressly and unequivocally deny the existence or nonexistence of the material fact so admitted or stipulated, upon the making thereof, if made on the record at a pre-hearing conference, oral hearing, oral argument or by a writing filed and served upon all parties within five days after a copy of such stipulation or admission has been served upon them;
(2) Withdrawal. Any party bound by a stipulation or admission of record at any time prior to final decision may be permitted to withdraw the same in whole or in part by showing to the satisfaction of the hearing officer or the board of pilotage commissioners that such stipulation or admission was made inadvertently or under a bona fide mistake of fact contrary to the true fact and that its withdrawal at the time proposed will not unjustly prejudice the rights of other parties to the proceeding.
[WSR 97-08-042, recodified as ยง 363-11-400, filed 3/28/97, effective 3/28/97; Rule .08.400, effective 3/1/60, filed 3/23/60.]
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