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PDFWAC 36-13-030

Ring and safety zone.

The promoter and/or theatrical wrestling school, excluding on-site theatrical wrestling school events, shall:
(1) Supply a ring that meets the following standards:
(a) The ring platform shall not be less than a twelve-foot square.
(b) The ring floor shall be padded to a thickness of at least one inch. A regular one-piece wrestling mat is preferred, although soft padding of a proper thickness may be used, with a top covering of clean canvas tightly stretched and laced to the ring platform.
(c) Keep the mat and covering in a clean and sanitary condition.
(2) Ensure there is a six-foot safety zone between the ring and the first row of spectator seats. The floor in the safety zone may be covered by padded floor mats. The safety zone may extend in an aisle from ringside directly to the locker room. The safety zone shall have a barrier approved by the department, which is at least three feet high. The barrier shall be of sufficient strength and durability to prevent the audience from coming in physical contact with the participants. No person other than security, department representatives, participants or event licensees shall be permitted in the safety zone during any part of an event unless expressly approved by the department representative. The participants shall not leave the confines of the safety zone during a match. Wrestling activities may not include any member of the audience and will be considered unprofessional conduct and subject to penalties under RCW 67.08.180(5) and 67.08.240.
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