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Chapter 357-52 WAC

Last Update: 11/30/22


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF357-52-005May the board waive the procedural rules contained in chapter 357-52 WAC?
HTMLPDF357-52-010What actions may be appealed?
HTMLPDF357-52-012Does an employee who has been temporarily laid off under chapter 32, Laws of 2010 have the right to appeal the temporary layoff?
HTMLPDF357-52-014Does an employee who has been temporarily laid off due to the failure of congress to pass a continuing resolution or a federal budget, have the right to appeal the temporary layoff?
HTMLPDF357-52-015By when must an appeal be filed and received in order to be considered timely?
HTMLPDF357-52-020What information must be submitted with the appeal?
HTMLPDF357-52-025Who is responsible for notifying the board of any change in address, telephone number or representation?
HTMLPDF357-52-030Are standardized forms available for filing appeals?
HTMLPDF357-52-035What happens if the appellant does not submit all the information required by WAC 357-52-020?
HTMLPDF357-52-040How does the board acknowledge receipt of an appeal?
HTMLPDF357-52-045Are appeals reviewed for timeliness?
HTMLPDF357-52-050How does the board notify the parties when the appeal is set for hearing?
HTMLPDF357-52-055May anyone other than the board adjudicate appeals or conduct prehearing meetings?
HTMLPDF357-52-060Can appeals be mediated?
HTMLPDF357-52-065Who mediates appeals?
HTMLPDF357-52-070How are mediations conducted?
HTMLPDF357-52-075What happens at the conclusion of mediation conducted by the board?
HTMLPDF357-52-077What happens when the parties settle an appeal without the assistance of a board mediator?
HTMLPDF357-52-080What can a prehearing conference be used for?
HTMLPDF357-52-085How and when may a prehearing conference be held?
HTMLPDF357-52-090How are the results of a prehearing conference documented?
HTMLPDF357-52-095What happens if one of the parties fails to participate in the prehearing conference?
HTMLPDF357-52-100How are appeal hearings conducted?
HTMLPDF357-52-105Can hearings and conferences be conducted by electronic means?
HTMLPDF357-52-110Who has the burden of proof at hearings?
HTMLPDF357-52-115How may a party request that a hearing be continued?
HTMLPDF357-52-120When may a written motion be filed?
HTMLPDF357-52-125Must the board consider untimely motions?
HTMLPDF357-52-130What must be included with a motion?
HTMLPDF357-52-135How many copies of a motion must be submitted?
HTMLPDF357-52-140What may the board decide based on a motion?
HTMLPDF357-52-145Must parties submit prehearing statements?
HTMLPDF357-52-150When must prehearing statements be filed?
HTMLPDF357-52-155What should be included in a prehearing statement?
HTMLPDF357-52-160How many copies of the prehearing statement must be provided?
HTMLPDF357-52-165Must the board consider untimely prehearing statements?
HTMLPDF357-52-170What actions may be taken by a hearing officer following a hearing?
HTMLPDF357-52-175What actions may be taken by the board following a hearing?
HTMLPDF357-52-180How is a hearing officer's recommended decision served?
HTMLPDF357-52-185Can a party file exceptions to a hearing officer's recommended decision?
HTMLPDF357-52-190What must be included in a party's written exceptions to a recommended decision?
HTMLPDF357-52-193What must be included in a party's written exceptions to a director's determination?
HTMLPDF357-52-195When is a written response in opposition to exceptions due?
HTMLPDF357-52-200When does a hearing officer's recommended decision become final?
HTMLPDF357-52-205What is the subject of a hearing on exceptions?
HTMLPDF357-52-207How does the board decide an appeal on exceptions?
HTMLPDF357-52-208How does the board notify the parties whether the appeal on exceptions will be decided upon written or oral arguments?
HTMLPDF357-52-210Can a decision by the board be appealed?
HTMLPDF357-52-215When may the board dismiss an appeal on its own motion?
HTMLPDF357-52-220Will the parties be given notice of the potential dismissal of an appeal on the board's motion and when must a party respond?
HTMLPDF357-52-221What is the timeline for a party to file a motion for reconsideration of a board's final order?
HTMLPDF357-52-222On what grounds may a party file a motion for reconsideration of a board's final order?
HTMLPDF357-52-223How is a motion for reconsideration responded to by the board?
HTMLPDF357-52-224Is a board order on a motion for reconsideration subject to further review?
HTMLPDF357-52-225How must appeal requests be filed with the board?
HTMLPDF357-52-230How must written documents be served on the parties?
HTMLPDF357-52-235How must exhibits for hearings be prepared and exchanged?
HTMLPDF357-52-240Who may prepare, sign and issue a subpoena?
HTMLPDF357-52-245What must a subpoena include?
HTMLPDF357-52-250How must a subpoena be served?
HTMLPDF357-52-255Which discovery procedures must a party follow?
HTMLPDF357-52-260When and who may make a motion to quash?
HTMLPDF357-52-265What actions may the board take when a motion to quash is filed?
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