Chapter 342-10 WAC

Last Update: 6/3/81


WAC Sections

342-10-030Authority and purpose.
342-10-040Description of oceanographic commission's central field organization.
342-10-050Public records available.
342-10-060Public records officer.
342-10-070Office hours.
342-10-080Requests for public records.
342-10-120Review of denials of public records request.
342-10-130Records index.
342-10-140Request for public records form.
342-10-150Oceanographic commission—Organization and structure—Officers—Staff—Terms of office—Conduct of business.
342-10-160Oceanographic commission—Members—Appointment and terms of office.
342-10-170Oceanographic commission—Officers and executive committee—Terms.
342-10-180Oceanographic commission—Duties of office.
342-10-200Order of business.
342-10-210Conduct of commission meeting business.
342-10-220Oceanographic institute of Washington.
342-10-230Oceanographic institute of Washington—Institute board of trustees.
342-10-240Oceanographic institute of Washington—Term of vacancies of institute trustees.
342-10-250Use of abbreviations.
342-10-260Purpose and scope.
342-10-270Meaning of words and terms.
342-10-280Sufficiency of compliance with SEPA guidelines.
342-10-290Designation of responsible official.
342-10-300Commission's SEPA public information center.
342-10-310Maintenance of EIS available register.
342-10-320Procedure when a consulting agency.
342-10-330Exemption for emergency actions.
342-10-340Chapter to be amended when SEPA guidelines amended.
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