Chapter 326-20 WAC

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326-20-010In general.
326-20-030Proof of minority status.
326-20-040Proof of woman's status.
326-20-045Proof of socially and economically disadvantaged status.
326-20-046Proof of social disadvantage.
326-20-047Proof of economic disadvantage.
326-20-048Presumption of disadvantage.
326-20-049Personal net worth.
326-20-050Proof of ownership of business.
326-20-060Community ownership.
326-20-070Counting ownership held in trust.
326-20-080Factors considered in determining control.
326-20-092Small business concern requirement.
326-20-094Assignment of North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code.
326-20-095Determination of firm size.
326-20-096Size standard.
326-20-098Applicability of federal regulations.
326-20-110Application process.
326-20-115Signatures of applicant business owners.
326-20-125Processing fee.
326-20-130Processing applications—Time.
326-20-140Duty to cooperate.
326-20-150On-site investigations.
326-20-160Burden of proof.
326-20-171Denial of certification—Brief adjudicative proceeding.
326-20-172Decertification of firms.
326-20-173Expiration of certification upon death or disability of owner of certified business.
326-20-180Effect of certification.
326-20-190Directory of certified businesses.
326-20-220Resubmission of applications.
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