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Chapter 315-06 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF315-06-010Operation of the lottery.
HTMLPDF315-06-020Authorization to sell tickets.
HTMLPDF315-06-030Lottery retailer's instructions.
HTMLPDF315-06-035Instant ticket purchase price and conditions.
HTMLPDF315-06-040Disclosure of probability of purchasing a winning ticket.
HTMLPDF315-06-050Location of sale.
HTMLPDF315-06-060Price of tickets—Limitations.
HTMLPDF315-06-070Purchaser's obligations.
HTMLPDF315-06-075Game sell-out.
HTMLPDF315-06-080Certain purchases of tickets, acceptance of things of economic value, and winning of prizes prohibited.
HTMLPDF315-06-085Hand-marked play slips.
HTMLPDF315-06-090Video machines prohibited.
HTMLPDF315-06-095Promotional contests of chance.
HTMLPDF315-06-100Data processing terminals for the dispensing of tickets authorized.
HTMLPDF315-06-110Conversion to data processing vending terminals.
HTMLPDF315-06-115Overlapping draw game sales in consecutive fiscal years.
HTMLPDF315-06-120Payment of prizes—General provisions.
HTMLPDF315-06-123Voluntary assignment of prize pursuant to an appropriate judicial order.
HTMLPDF315-06-125Debts owed the state.
HTMLPDF315-06-130Prizes payable after death or disability of individual winner.
HTMLPDF315-06-170Filing of reports.
HTMLPDF315-06-190Erroneous or mutilated tickets.
HTMLPDF315-06-200Returned tickets.
HTMLPDF315-06-210Law enforcement.
HTMLPDF315-06-220Voluntary self-exclusion.
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