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PDFWAC 315-04-090

License issuance eligibility.

(1) The director may issue a license to any person to act as a lottery retailer who meets the eligibility criteria established by chapter 67.70 RCW, and these rules.
(2) Before issuing a license, the director may consider:
(a) The financial responsibility and security of the person and its business or activity;
(b) The results of any background check;
(c) The reputation of the person in the community for honesty and integrity;
(d) The type of business owned or operated by the person to ensure consonance with the dignity of the state, the general welfare of the people, and the operation and integrity of the lottery;
(e) The conformance of businesses located in residential areas to local land use and zoning codes, regulations, and ordinances;
(f) The accessibility of the person's place of business or activity to the public;
(g) The sufficiency of existing licenses to serve the public convenience;
(h) The volume of expected sales;
(i) The veracity of the information supplied in the application for a lottery retailer license; and
(j) The person's indebtedness to the state of Washington, local subdivisions of the state, and/or the United States government.
(3) The director may condition the issuance of any license upon the posting of a bond, security deposit, or savings certificate in such terms and conditions as the director may require.
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