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PDFWAC 314-40-020


(1) Applications for new club licenses shall be accompanied by proof that:
(a) The organization is bona fide and nonprofit;
(b) The organization has been in operation for at least one year immediately prior to the date of its application, such proof to consist of records of (i) membership, (ii) meetings of trustees or directors at least every month and membership meetings at least once a year, (iii) the location of such meetings, and (iv) such other data as is necessary to establish that the organization has been active for at least one year prior to [its] application: Provided, The minimum one year period of operation shall not be required when the applicant club is under a nationally chartered organization and there is a previously licensed club operating under the same national charter within the state. Proof of issuance of a charter to such existing club must be provided at the time of application;
(c) The application is approved by a majority of the members which approval shall be indicated by presentation to the board of a petition bearing the names of such members desiring [the] license. The president and secretary of the organization shall certify on such petition the total number of members of the organization in good standing as of the date of the application and that those signing the petition are all members in good standing on such date;
(d) The organization was not primarily formed or activated to obtain a license to sell liquor, but that the sale of liquor is incidental to the main purposes of the club.
(2) Applications for renewal of club licenses shall be made on forms prescribed by the board and accompanied by such information as the board may request.
(3) All applications must be made in the official name of the organization and be signed by either the president or the secretary and be accompanied by a certified copy of the minutes of that meeting of the governing board of the organization which authorized the president or secretary to make the application. The use of trade names shall not be permitted.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030. WSR 90-14-004, ยง 314-40-020, filed 6/22/90, effective 7/23/90; Rule 104, filed 6/13/63.]
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