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PDFWAC 314-24-090

Wine labels.

(1) Every package or container of wine intended for sale within the state of Washington shall bear a label in compliance with RCW 66.28.110. Such label shall show:
(a) The brand name of the wine.
(b) Class, type or other designation.
(c) The name, city, and state of the bottler or packager, which shall be stated as follows "Bottled by . . . . . . " Where a bottler or packager has made not less than 75% of the wine in a particular package or container by crushing the grapes or other materials, fermenting the must and clarifying the resulting wine, there may be stated in lieu of the words "bottled by" the words "manufactured and bottled by" or "produced and bottled by." In addition to the name and address of the bottler or packager, but not in lieu thereof, there may be stated the name and address of the manufacturer or producer.
(d) The alcoholic content of the wine by volume, stated as provided in either (i) or (ii) of this subsection:
(i) "Alcohol . . . . . . % by volume."
(ii) "Alcohol . . . . . . % to . . . . . . % by volume."
(e) The net contents of the package or container: Provided, That the net contents need not be stated on any label if the net contents are displayed by having the same blown or branded in the package or container as the brand label, in letters or figures in such manner as to be plainly legible under ordinary circumstances, and such statement is not obscured in any manner in whole or in part.
(2) No label shall be used until after the same has been approved by TTB and submitted to the board. For labels not requiring federal COLA, a form prescribed by the board shall be completed and submitted to the board for approval.
(3) No label shall be used that is misleading.
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