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WAC 314-23-001

What does a spirits distributor license allow?

(1) A spirits distributor licensee may not commence sales until March 1, 2012. A spirits distributor licensee is allowed to:
(a) Sell spirits purchased from manufacturers, distillers, importers, or spirits certificate of approval holders;
(b) Sell spirits to any liquor licensee allowed to sell spirits;
(c) Sell spirits to other spirits distributors; and
(d) Export spirits from the state of Washington.
(2) The price of spirits sold to retailers may not be below acquisition cost.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030, 66.24.055, 66.24.160, 66.24.630, and 66.24.640. WSR 12-12-065, ยง 314-23-001, filed 6/5/12, effective 7/6/12.]
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