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PDFWAC 314-17-050

How do I become a provider?

(1) Application process, application materials, and briefing. To become a provider, you must submit an application to the board and brief board staff on the proposed training program. Application materials shall include:
(a) A completed application form provided by the board;
(b) A copy of the proposed curriculum for the training program (see WAC 314-17-060);
(c) A copy of all audio, video, online, and instructional materials that will be used in the training program;
(d) A copy of all printed or printable (as in the case of an online training course) materials that will be provided to a student;
(e) An explanation of the examination procedures necessary to pass a training course;
(f) An explanation of how a student's identity shall be ensured for an online training course;
(g) A plan describing how a provider shall assess a trainer's work performance;
(h) A trainer's manual; and
(i) Documentation demonstrating a trainer's qualifications and education to teach a training course in the state of Washington.
(2) The board will respond within forty-five calendar days of receipt of the application materials, at which point the board will either:
(a) Issue certification; or
(b) Specify what additions or changes to make to a training program. If additions or changes are not received by the board within thirty calendar days, an application will be withdrawn.
(3) Temporary certification. The board may issue temporary certification once an applicant submits an application and briefs board staff.
(a) Temporary certification is valid for up to six months. During this time period, an applicant may adjust a training course outline or method of presentation without prior board approval provided that a training course continues to meet the standards set in WAC 314-17-060.
(b) The board may immediately revoke temporary certification if, in the board's opinion, an applicant fails to comply with a lesson plan as submitted and approved or with any of the requirements of this title.
(c) An applicant who fails to obtain permanent certification during the six-month temporary certification period shall be subject to the discontinuance of business requirements specified in subsection (10) of this section.
(4) The board may consider any information pertaining to a provider's certification in any state, including any certification suspensions or revocations in the past five years. The board, at its discretion and in consideration of public safety, may also consider criminal history, administrative violations, patterns of misconduct, and other applicable occurrences or circumstances when deciding to approve, deny, suspend or revoke a provider's certification.
(5) Appeal rights. See WAC 314-17-115.
(6) Standardized exam.
(a) Upon certification of a training program, the board will provide a standardized exam to be used for all training courses.
(b) With board approval, a provider or trainer may provide an additional exam or add questions to the standardized exam.
(c) The board or its designee may attend any in-person training course or take any online training course at no charge for evaluation purposes.
(7) A provider must receive approval from the board before making any changes to training course content or method of presentation.
(8) Qualifying and continuing education.
(a) A provider must ensure that its trainers are qualified to teach a training course in the state of Washington, and that its trainers are current of new Washington state laws and regulations and science and industry advances pertaining to alcohol service. As part of this effort, a trainer must attend a board-provided conference or a provider-sponsored education workshop, or complete a board-approved professional online or long distance program, before receiving certification and then at least once every five years thereafter.
(b) At a minimum, an education or continuing-education conference, workshop or program shall address current Washington state liquor laws and regulations, mandatory alcohol server training rules and procedures, and legal liabilities for servers.
(c) The board may conduct at least one seminar in each provider-sponsored education workshop performed in the state of Washington.
(d) A provider must obtain documentation that verifies a trainer's completion of an education or continuing-education conference, workshop or program, as well as documentation showing the subjects covered at such conference, workshop or program (see WAC 314-17-085).
(e) A provider must supply a trainer with a trainer's manual. A provider must also revise a manual within thirty calendar days following:
(i) The effective date of a new applicable state law or regulation; or
(ii) Receipt of new or updated information from the board.
(9) Certificate expiration and recertification. Each certification is valid for up to five years. A provider may be recertified by reapplying at least forty-five days prior to expiration and in accordance with subsections (1) and (2) of this section.
(10) Discontinuance of business. When a provider discontinues its training program, a provider must reconcile class 12 and 13 permit form records to the board's satisfaction and return all unused class 12 and 13 permit forms to the board.
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