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PDFWAC 314-17-010


The following definitions clarify the purpose and intent of the laws and regulations governing mandatory alcohol server training and chapter 314-17 WAC. Additional definitions are in RCW 66.04.010 and 66.20.300.
(1) "Alcohol server education program," "mandatory alcohol server training" or "mandatory alcohol server training program" means the set of policies and procedures developed and administered by the board to educate servers and enforce state liquor laws and regulations.
(2) "Permit holder" means a person who holds either a class 12 or 13 permit.
(3) "Provider" means a "training entity" as defined in RCW 66.20.300.
(4) "Retail licensed premises" means any:
(a) Premises licensed to sell or serve alcohol by the glass, by the drink, by samples or in original containers, primarily for consumption on the premises as authorized by RCW 66.24.320, 66.24.330, 66.24.350, 66.24.400, 66.24.425, 66.24.450, 66.24.540, 66.24.570, 66.24.580, 66.24.590 or 66.24.600;
(b) Distillery or craft distillery, licensed pursuant to RCW 66.24.140 or 66.24.145, that is authorized to serve samples of its own production; or
(c) Facility established by a domestic winery for serving or selling wine pursuant to RCW 66.24.170(4).
(5) "Student" means an individual enrolled in a class 12 or 13 training course.
(6) "Trainer" means an individual employed or authorized by a provider to conduct a training course.
(7) "Training course" means a board-certified mandatory alcohol server training class.
(8) "Training program" means a provider's curriculum administered by a provider or a trainer.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030 and 66.20.330. WSR 10-12-124, § 314-17-010, filed 6/2/10, effective 7/3/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030, 66.20.300, 66.20.310, 66.20.320, 66.20.330, 66.20.340, 66.20.350. WSR 01-03-085, § 314-17-010, filed 1/17/01, effective 2/17/01.]
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