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PDFWAC 314-03-060

Axe throwing at liquor licensed premises.

(1) Axe throwing combined with alcohol consumption is considered a high-risk activity. Licensees should follow industry best practices for safe axe throwing participation. A liquor licensee must receive approval from the board's licensing division prior to providing axe throwing activities at liquor licensed premises.
(2) The liquor licensee or liquor license applicant must submit a safety operating plan addressing how the licensee will mitigate safety concerns associated with axe throwing at the liquor licensed premises. The safety operating plan must include the following:
(a) Protocols for monitoring alcohol consumption and ensuring patrons are not intoxicated prior to axe throwing, including:
(i) Designated MAST-certified staff in the axe throwing
area at all times to monitor alcohol consumption;
(ii) Prohibiting patrons who appear intoxicated from axe
(iii) Deescalating patrons who appear intoxicated and are uncooperative or hostile; and
(iv) Training employees on the protocols included in the
safety operating plan; and
 (b) A floor plan for the premises. The floor plan must include the following:
(i) The designated consumption areas where alcohol may be sold, served, or consumed on-premises; and
(ii) The axe throwing areas. The axe throwing areas must be separate from the designated consumption areas. Alcohol is not allowed in the axe throwing areas. The axe throwing areas must have barriers to separate the axe throwing activity from the designated consumption areas. Barriers must prevent axes from traveling out of the axe throwing areas, including behind the throwers. "Barriers" means walls, fences, cages, or similar physical obstructions.
(3) Changes to a licensee's safety operating plan must be submitted to the board's licensing division for approval. The safety operating plan must remain in effect until the licensee's change request is approved by the board's licensing division or the board determines changes are necessary due to safety concerns.
 (4) Failure to adhere to the licensee's approved safety operating plan is subject to the penalty structure outlined in WAC 314-29-030, violations of a board approved operating plan.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030. WSR 22-13-054, § 314-03-060, filed 6/8/22, effective 7/9/22.]
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