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PDFWAC 308-14-130

Standards of professional practice.

All certified court reporters (CCR) shall comply with the following professional standards except where differing standards are established by court or governmental agency. Failure to comply with the following standards is deemed unprofessional conduct. Certified court reporters shall:
(1) Offer arrangements on a case concerning court reporting services or fees to all parties on equal terms.
(2) Include on all transcripts, business cards, and advertisements their CCR reference number.
(3) Prepare transcripts in accordance with the transcript preparation guidelines established by WAC 308-14-135 or court.
(4) Preserve and file shorthand notes in a manner retrievable. Transcribed notes shall be retained for no less than three years and untranscribed notes shall be retained for not less than ten years, or as required by statute, whichever is longer.
(5) Provide transcripts on agreed delivery date, and give notification of any delays.
(6) Prepare accurate transcripts.
(7) Disclose conflicts, potential conflicts, or appearance of conflicts to all involved parties.
(8) Be truthful and accurate in advertising qualifications and/or services provided.
(9) Preserve the confidentiality of all information obtained during a proceeding and take all steps necessary to ensure its security.
(10) Notify all involved parties when transcripts are ordered.
(11) All parties shall be notified when a transcript is ordered by a person not involved in the case. If any party objects, the transcript cannot be provided without a court order.
(12) Supply certified copies of transcripts to any involved party, upon appropriate request.
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