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Chapter 296-863 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF296-863-200Design, construction, and equipment.
HTMLPDF296-863-20005Make sure PITs meet design and construction requirements.
HTMLPDF296-863-20010Meet these requirements when modifying or altering PITs.
HTMLPDF296-863-20015Make sure PITs are properly labeled.
HTMLPDF296-863-20020Protect operators from falling objects.
HTMLPDF296-863-20025Provide fall protection on order pickers.
HTMLPDF296-863-20030Provide directional lights on PITs when required.
HTMLPDF296-863-20035Make sure liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fueled PITs meet these requirements.
HTMLPDF296-863-20040Meet these requirements when converting gasoline fuel PITs to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fuel.
HTMLPDF296-863-300Inspection, repair, maintenance, and servicing.
HTMLPDF296-863-30005Make sure PITs are in safe working condition.
HTMLPDF296-863-30010Inspect your PITs.
HTMLPDF296-863-30015Meet these requirements when repairing PITs.
HTMLPDF296-863-30020Maintain your PITs properly.
HTMLPDF296-863-30025Service gasoline fueled PITs safely.
HTMLPDF296-863-30030Service liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fueled PITs safely.
HTMLPDF296-863-30035Make sure battery charging areas are safe.
HTMLPDF296-863-30040Service batteries for electric PITs safely.
HTMLPDF296-863-40005Protect employees around PITs.
HTMLPDF296-863-40010Operate PITs safely.
HTMLPDF296-863-40015Make sure PIT loads are carried safely.
HTMLPDF296-863-40020Meet these requirements when the operator leaves the normal operating position.
HTMLPDF296-863-40025Meet these requirements when operating near railroad tracks.
HTMLPDF296-863-40030Meet this requirement when using motorized hand trucks.
HTMLPDF296-863-40035Meet these requirements when using elevators.
HTMLPDF296-863-40040Meet these requirements when using dock-boards (bridge plates).
HTMLPDF296-863-40045Meet these requirements when loading or unloading railroad cars with a PIT.
HTMLPDF296-863-40050Meet these requirements when loading or unloading highway trucks with PITs.
HTMLPDF296-863-40055Meet these additional requirements when operating liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fueled PITs.
HTMLPDF296-863-40060Make sure work platforms and PITs used to lift people meet these requirements.
HTMLPDF296-863-40065Operate PITs using elevated work platforms safely.
HTMLPDF296-863-500Hazardous (classified) locations.
HTMLPDF296-863-50005Use the appropriate PITs in hazardous (classified) locations.
HTMLPDF296-863-60005Make sure PIT operators are trained.
HTMLPDF296-863-60010Retrain PIT operators as required.
HTMLPDF296-863-60015Evaluate PIT operators performance.
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