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PDFWAC 296-800-16020

Provide PPE to your employees.

You must provide PPE at no cost to employees if the PPE is:
(1) The type that would not reasonably or normally be worn away from the workplace, such as single use or disposable PPE.
(2) Required to comply with a safety and health standard to protect employees wherever hazards exist from:
(a) Processes;
(b) Environmental hazards;
(c) Physical, chemical, or radiological hazards; or
(d) Mechanical irritants that could cause injury or impairment to the function of any body part through absorption, inhalation, or physical contact.
Table-X: Employer Responsibility for Providing PPE
*This table provides examples only and is not all-inclusive.
Part of Body
PPE employers are required to provide at no cost to employees.
Items in which employer payment is not required.
Bump caps.
Hard hat.
Nonconductive head protection.
Eye and Face
Face shields.
Laser safety goggles.
Nonprescription eye protection.
Prescription eyewear inserts/lenses for full-face respirators.
Welding and diving helmets.
Nonspecialty prescription safety eyewear.
Hearing protection.
Aluminized gloves.
Barrier creams (unless used solely for weather-related protection).
Chemical resistant gloves/aprons/
Hand protection used only for keeping clean or for cold weather with no safety or health consideration.
Mesh cut proof gloves.
Mesh or leather aprons.
Nonspecialty gloves if required to protect from dermatitis, severe cuts, or abrasions.
Rubber insulating gloves.
Rubber sleeves.
Metatarsal foot protection.
Rubber boots with steel toes.
Shoe covers - Toe caps and metatarsal guards.
Special boots for longshoremen working logs.
Nonspecialty safety-toe protective footwear such as steel-toe shoes or boots.
Sturdy work shoes.
Lineman's boots.
Logging boots required under chapter 296-54 WAC.
Atmosphere-supplying respirators (escape only).
Climbing ensembles used by linemen such as belts and climbing hooks.
Long sleeve shirts.
Long pants.
Ordinary cold weather gear (coats, parkas, cold weather gloves, winter boots).
Level A - Fully encapsulated chemical protective suits.
Level B - Chemical protective clothing.
Personal fall arrest systems.
Personal fall restraint systems.
Firefighting PPE (helmet, gloves, boots, proximity suits, full gear).
Ordinary rain gear.
Dust mask/respirators used under the voluntary use provisions in chapter 296-842 WAC.
Back belts. Sunglasses.
Ladder safety device belts.
Personal floatation devices (life jackets).
Class II or III high visibility garments that meet ANSI 107-2004 specifications.
Respiratory protection.
SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus).
Welding PPE.
Window cleaner's safety straps.
Items such as aprons, lab coats, goggles, disposable gloves, shoe covers, etc., used in medical/
laboratory settings to protect from exposure to infectious agents.
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