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PDFWAC 296-65-030

Methods of compliance.

(1) Before submitting a bid or working on an asbestos abatement project, any person or individual must obtain an asbestos contractor certificate as provided in WAC 296-65-017 and must have in its employ at least one certified asbestos supervisor responsible for supervising all asbestos projects undertaken by the contractor.
(2) A certified asbestos supervisor will not be required on asbestos projects involving less than three square feet or three linear feet of asbestos-containing material unless the surface area of the pipe is greater than three square feet. A certified asbestos supervisor is required for all Class I and II asbestos work in accordance with WAC 296-62-07728(4).
(3) No employee or other individual is eligible to do work or supervise an asbestos project without being issued a certificate by the department.
(a) Employees performing Class I or Class II asbestos work must be certified asbestos workers as specified in WAC 296-62-07722.
(b) Employees performing Class III or Class IV asbestos work specified by WAC 296-62-07722 as an asbestos project must be certified asbestos workers.
(4) No person may assign any employee, contract with, or permit any individual, to work on an asbestos project as specified in WAC 296-62-07722 in any facility without the project being performed by a certified asbestos worker.
(5) A certified asbestos supervisor must provide direct, on-site supervision for an asbestos project. When an employer conducts an asbestos abatement project in its own facility by its own certified employees, supervision may be performed in the regular course of a certified asbestos supervisor's duties. Asbestos workers must have access to and be under the control of certified asbestos supervisors throughout the duration of the project.
(6) Any construction, renovation, remodeling, maintenance, repair, or demolition which was started without meeting the requirements of this section must be halted immediately and cannot be resumed before meeting such requirements.
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