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PDFWAC 296-65-012

Asbestos supervisor certification.

(1) For the purposes of this section, "individual" means any natural person.
(2) To qualify for an asbestos supervisor certificate, an individual must meet the following criteria:
(a) Have at least 1600 hours of experience in one or more of the following disciplines:
(i) Asbestos abatement;
(ii) Asbestos project design;
(iii) Consultation on asbestos abatement projects;
(iv) Operations and maintenance program supervision;
(v) Construction project supervision;
(b) Successfully complete an approved asbestos supervisor training course;
(c) Achieve a score of at least seventy percent on a one hundred question multiple choice closed book examination approved by the department but administered by the training course sponsor. If an individual does not pass the examination, then another examination (meeting the above criteria) may be given after a sufficient period of study. The new examination must not duplicate more than fifty percent of the questions used on prior examinations;
(d) Submit to the department a timely application validated by an approved training course sponsor. To be considered timely, an application must be received by the department no later than sixty days after the completion of the course. In the event that an application is not timely, the individual will be required to pass, with a score of at least seventy percent, an examination administered by the department. A nonrefundable fifty-dollar fee will be assessed when the application is submitted to the department; and
(e) Pay the fee prescribed in WAC 296-65-025.
(3) An individual must not supervise any asbestos project prior to issuance of the certificate.
(4) Certificates will be issued and mailed to the individual applicants and will be valid for one year from the date of issuance.
(5) A certified asbestos supervisor must attend an eight-hour supervisor refresher course prior to certificate renewal. It is not necessary to also take a worker refresher course.
(a) The course must, at a minimum, adequately review the subjects required by WAC 296-65-007, update information on state-of-the-art procedures and equipment, and review regulatory changes and interpretations. The department may require specific subjects.
(b) An application for renewal of the certificate must be validated by the refresher training course instructor.
(c) The refresher course must be taken prior to expiration of the certificate.
(d) The department must receive the certificate renewal application no later than the expiration date of the current certificate. Applicants missing this renewal deadline will be required to pass, with a score of seventy percent, an examination administered by the department. A nonrefundable fifty-dollar fee will be charged to take this examination.
(e) Individuals whose certificates have been expired for more than six months will be required to retake the entire basic supervisor course.
(6) The initial TSCA Title II supervisor accreditation certificate and the current supervisor certificate must be available for inspection at all times at the location of the asbestos project.
(7) The department may suspend or revoke a certificate as provided in WAC 296-65-050 and chapter 296-900 WAC.
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