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PDFWAC 296-307-24006

What definitions apply to this section?

"Lavatory" means a basin used exclusively for washing hands, arms, face, and head.
"Personal service room" means a room used for activities not directly connected with the business function of the employer. Such activities include but are not limited to, first aid, medical services, dressing, showering, toilet use, washing, and eating.
"Potable water" means water that meets state or local quality standards for drinking water, or water that meets the quality standards of the Environmental Protection Agency's "National Interim Primary Drinking Water Regulations," published in 40 C.F.R., Part 141, and 40 C.F.R. 147.2400.
"Toilet facility" means a fixture maintained within a toilet room for the purpose of defecation or urination, or both.
"Toilet room" means a room maintained within or on the premises of any place of employment, containing toilet facilities for employee use.
"Toxic material" means a material that exceeds a regulatory limit (such as in chapter 296-62 WAC), or toxicity that causes or is likely to cause death or serious physical harm.
"Urinal" means a toilet facility maintained within a toilet room for the sole purpose of urination.
"Water closet" means a toilet facility maintained within a toilet room for the purpose of both defecation and urination and which is flushed with water.
"Wet process" means any process or operation in a workroom that normally results in walking or standing surfaces becoming wet.
[WSR 97-09-013, recodified as § 296-307-24006, filed 4/7/97, effective 4/7/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.040, [49.17.]050 and [49.17.]060. WSR 96-22-048, § 296-306A-24006, filed 10/31/96, effective 12/1/96.]
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