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PDFWAC 296-307-076

Guarding farm field equipment.

Farm field equipment. Tractors or implements, including self-propelled implements, used in agricultural operations.
(1) All power transmission components must be guarded according to WAC 296-307-280.
(2) The manufacturer's instruction manual, if published by the manufacturer and currently available, must be the source of information for the safe operation and maintenance of field equipment.
(3) The employer must ensure that all power takeoff shafts, including rear, mid-mounted or side-mounted shafts, are guarded by a master shield, as follows:
(a) The rear power takeoff has a master shield. The master shield is strong enough to prevent permanent deformation of the shield when a 250-pound operator mounts or dismounts the tractor using the shield as a step.
(b) Power takeoff driven equipment is guarded to prevent employee contact with rotating members of the power drive system. When the tractor master shield must be removed to use specific power takeoff driven equipment, the equipment must provide protection from the part of the tractor power takeoff shaft that protrudes from the tractor.
(c) Signs are placed at prominent locations on the tractor and on power takeoff driven equipment requiring that safety shields are kept in place.
(4) The following functional components must be shielded to a degree consistent with the intended function and operator's vision of the component:
(a) Snapping or husking rolls;
(b) Straw spreaders and choppers;
(c) Cutterbars;
(d) Flail rotors;
(e) Rotary beaters;
(f) Mixing augers;
(g) Feed rolls;
(h) Conveying augers;
(i) Rotary tillers; and
(j) Similar units that must be exposed for proper function.
(5) Where removing a guard or access door will expose an employee to any component that continues to rotate after the power is disengaged, the employer must provide, in the immediate area:
(a) A safety sign warning the employee to look and listen for evidence of rotation and to wait until all components have stopped before removing the guard or access door.
(b) A readily visible or audible warning of rotation on equipment manufactured after October 25, 1976.
(6) If the mounting steps or ladder and the handholds of the propelling vehicle are made inaccessible by installation of other equipment, other steps and handholds must be provided on the equipment.
(7) The employer must ensure that the operator's steps and platform have a slip-resistant covering to minimize the possibility of slipping.
(8) Powered machines not driven by an individual motor must have a clutch or other effective means of stopping.
(9) All friction clutches must have sufficient clearance and be kept adjusted to prevent drag or creeping when disengaged.
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