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PDFWAC 296-307-07013

Rules that apply to vehicles used to transport employees.

The employer must ensure that motor vehicles used regularly to transport employees meet the following requirements:
(1) The vehicles are well equipped, covered against the weather, and maintained in good mechanical condition at all times.
(2) A sufficient number of properly secured seats are provided in each vehicle to accommodate the number of employees transported. When emergency conditions make it necessary to transport more employees than the seating capacity can accommodate, all employees must ride within the vehicle. No employee may ride on fenders or running boards of the vehicle.
(3) No employees may ride in or on any vehicle with their legs hanging over the end or sides. All trucks without tail gates should have safety bars.
(4) The vehicles have storage strong enough to retain sharp tools that could present a hazard to employees being transported.
(5) All dump-trucks used to transport employees have an adequate safety chain or locking device to ensure that the body of the truck is not raised while employees are riding in it.
(6) Explosives or highly inflammable materials are not carried in or on the vehicle while it is used to transport employees.
(7) Exhaust systems are installed and maintained in proper condition, and are designed to eliminate the employee exposure to exhaust gases and fumes.
(8) Within the cab, crew trucks must carry only the number of passengers for which they are designed. In any seating arrangement, the driver must be able to maintain full freedom of motion. The driver's normal vision must be free from obstruction by passengers or the seating arrangement.
(9) All enclosed crew trucks have an emergency exit in addition to the regular entrance.
(10) Trucks used for hauling gravel may be used as crew trucks if they meet the following requirements:
(a) Steps in proper places;
(b) Wooden floors;
(c) Securely fastened seats;
(d) Truck is properly covered; and
(e) Compliance with all other general regulations covering crew trucks.
(11) Half-ton vehicles must haul no more than six persons including driver. Three-quarter-ton vehicles must haul no more than eight persons including driver.
(12) The vehicle is equipped with the first-aid supplies required by WAC 296-307-03920, two blankets, and a fire extinguisher.
Additional requirements relating to first aid are located in WAC 296-307-039.
(13) Heating units with open fires are not used in vehicles transporting crews.
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