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Chapter 296-200A WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF296-200A-005What is the goal of this chapter?
HTMLPDF296-200A-015What terms do I need to know to understand this chapter?
HTMLPDF296-200A-016What are the definitions of the specialty contractor classifications for the purpose of contractor registration only?
HTMLPDF296-200A-025How does a contractor register, renew, reregister or reinstate its registration?
HTMLPDF296-200A-030How much are the surety bond or savings account amounts?
HTMLPDF296-200A-035How long is a contractor's registration period?
HTMLPDF296-200A-040What can cause the suspension of a contractor's registration?
HTMLPDF296-200A-041When will the department deny an application for registration, renewal or reinstatement?
HTMLPDF296-200A-050What requirements must be met if a contractor changes its business structure, name or address?
HTMLPDF296-200A-060What procedures must be followed when surety bonds and/or insurance policies are canceled?
HTMLPDF296-200A-065What procedures must be followed when surety bonds and/or other securities approved by the department become impaired?
HTMLPDF296-200A-070When will the department release a security deposit?
HTMLPDF296-200A-080How is a suit filed against a contractor?
HTMLPDF296-200A-090How are judgments against contractors paid?
HTMLPDF296-200A-110Is a city, town, or county required to verify a contractor registration number?
HTMLPDF296-200A-111How does a city, town, or county verify a contractor's registration?
HTMLPDF296-200A-112Who is liable when a city, town, or county fails to verify a contractor's registration?
HTMLPDF296-200A-300What violations of chapter 18.27 RCW can result in the issuance of a notice of infraction?
HTMLPDF296-200A-305How does the department notify registered contractors about unregistered subcontractors they have employed?
HTMLPDF296-200A-320How can a notice of infraction be served?
HTMLPDF296-200A-340How does a contractor appeal a notice of infraction?
HTMLPDF296-200A-345What happens if a contractor fails to appeal a notice of infraction and assessment?
HTMLPDF296-200A-350Who presides over an appeal hearing and where is it held?
HTMLPDF296-200A-360Who may represent the contractor and the department at the appeal hearing?
HTMLPDF296-200A-370How is the appeal hearing conducted?
HTMLPDF296-200A-380What evidence is admissible in an appeal hearing?
HTMLPDF296-200A-390What does the department do with the appeal notices that they receive?
HTMLPDF296-200A-400What monetary penalties will be assessed for an infraction issued for violations of RCW 18.27.040, 18.27.100, 18.27.110, 18.27.114 or 18.27.200?
HTMLPDF296-200A-405When must a contractor pay assessed monetary penalties?
HTMLPDF296-200A-900What fees does the department charge contractors for issuance, renewal, reregistration, and reinstatement of certificates of registration?
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