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PDFWAC 296-17A-0517

Classification 0517.

0517-00 Factory built housing units: Set up by contractor or by employees of the manufacturer
Applies to the set up of factory built housing units such as mobile/manufactured homes, modular homes, or prefab cedar homes by contractors who work independently from a sales dealership or by employees of the manufacturer. This classification includes, but is not limited to, delivery of the factory built unit when performed by the set up contractor. The set up process includes placement of the unit or unit sections on blocks or foundations; joining the interior and exterior sections which may involve incidental placement of ridge cap, siding, trim boards, moldings, and interior seams; plumbing and electrical connections; and the installation of skirting, awnings or decks.
This classification excludes mobile home or factory built housing sales dealerships who set up and/or deliver the unit to a sales location or customer's site which are to be reported separately in classification 3415; the delivery of a mobile home or other factory built housing unit by a trucking service which is to be reported separately in classification 1102; the pouring of foundations; and/or the construction of nonstructural sheet metal patio covers/carports, garages or storage sheds regardless if performed by employees of the set up contractor or by another contractor which is to be reported separately in the applicable classification.
0517-01 Building raising, moving and underpinning
Applies to contractors engaged in raising, moving and underpinning buildings. Work contemplated by this classification includes a variety of services involving the change of a building's elevation, location or support structure including incidental shoring and removal or rebuilding of walls, foundations, columns or piers. Employees of the contractor responsible for the overall completion of the project are to be reported in this classification. Underpinning is a process to correct wall cracks, foundation settling or collapse of a building or structure. Generally, underpinning involves one of two methods. In the first method, earth around a foundation is removed to permit construction of a new foundation to replace the old one or to allow for the installation of subfoundations to support the existing earth. This would include masonry or concrete work, blasting (when required) and shoring of surrounding ground and building or structure to prevent cave-ins while foundation work is being performed. The second method deals with steel or wooden beams being inserted through a lower point of the building or structure. The beams are raised and supported by jacks until the foundation is relieved of some or all of its ground pressure. Building raising or moving is a process to change a building's position, either raised to a new elevation in place or moved to a new site, or both. Workers, subcontractors or utility companies will first disconnect all utilities from the building or structure to be moved. Workers will remove all detachable items and open foundation walls to allow metal or wood beams to be placed under the floor structure. Once beams are placed, hydraulic jacks are used to lift the building or structure clear of the old foundation high enough for a new foundation to be constructed, or high enough to allow the carrying vehicle (trailer) to be placed under the beams if it is to be moved. The trailer is moved along a previously graded and cleared path to the new location. The building or structure is then set down on a new foundation which is usually constructed by a separate contractor. Miscellaneous repair work is performed and utilities are reconnected.
This classification excludes contractors engaged in clearing paths, grading and excavation work who are to be reported separately in classification 0101; contractors who disconnect or hook-up underground gas, water or power lines who are to be reported separately in classification 0107; contractors who construct concrete foundations for wood frame or nonwood frame buildings who are to be reported separately in classification 0217, or in classification 0518 as applicable; and contractors engaged in the delivery and set up of factory built housing units who are to be reported separately in classification 0517.
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