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PDFWAC 296-155-689

Placing and removal of forms.

(1) When moved or raised by crane, cableway, A-frame, or similar mechanical device, forms must be securely attached to slings having a minimum safety factor of 5. Use of No. 9 tie wire, fiber rope, and similar makeshift lashing is prohibited.
(2) You must use taglines in moving panels or other large sections of forms by crane or hoist.
(3) All hoisting equipment, including hoisting cable used to raise and move forms must have a minimum safety factor incorporated in the manufacturer's design, and the manufacturer's recommended loading must not be exceeded. Field-fabricated or shop-fabricated hoisting equipment must be designed or approved by a registered professional engineer, incorporating a minimum safety factor of 5 in its design. Panels and built-up form sections must be equipped with metal hoisting brackets for attachment of slings.
(4) Forms intended for use where there is a free fall of over 10 feet must be equipped with adequate scaffolding and guardrails, or employees working on the forms must be protected from falls in accordance with chapter 296-880 WAC during forming and stripping operations.
(5) You must not release vertical forms being raised or removed in sections until adequately braced or secured. You must not release overhead forms until adequately braced or secured.
(6) You must protect workers or others at lower levels from falling materials. You must erect appropriate warning signs along walkways.
(7) You must not remove forms until the concrete is cured. The concrete must be adequately set in order to permit safe removal of the forms, shoring, and bracing. You must adhere to engineer's specifications and local building codes in determining the length of time forms should remain in place following concrete placement. In addition, you must perform tests on field-cured concrete specimens in order to insure that concrete has obtained sufficient strength to safely support the load prior to removal of forms.
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