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PDFWAC 296-127-01386

Traffic control stripers.

For intents and purposes of the Washington state public works law, chapter 39.12 RCW, the scope of work for traffic control stripers is as follows:
(1) All painting, application and installing of lines, arrows, bumpers, curbs, etc., on parking lots, air fields, highways, game courts and other such surfaces.
(2) The handling, painting and installing of all car stops, stop signs and any other type sign installed for the purpose of regulating traffic on such surfaces.
(3) The installation of plastic, metal or composition button, or lines used instead of paint.
(4) Installation of parking gates, ticket spitters and other similar mechanical and automatic control devices.
(5) Seal coating, slurry coating and other surface protection.
(6) Line removal; chemical sand and hydro-blast, paint and button.
(7) Installation of guard rail and posts and similar protective devices.
(8) Manufacturing and installation of all car stops, per example: Metal, wood, concrete, plastic, etc., and all similar traffic regulators.
(9) Manufacturing, painting, stenciling, servicing, repairing, placing and removal of traffic safety and control devices (barricades).
(10) The preparation and maintenance of all surfaces as outlined above.
(11) Responsible for all the cleanup required in connection with traffic control stripers work.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 39.12 RCW, RCW 43.22.270 and 43.22.051. WSR 00-15-077, ยง 296-127-01386, filed 7/19/00, effective 7/19/00.]
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