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For the purpose of the Washington state public works law, chapter 39.12 RCW, ironworkers perform all work in connection with field fabrication and/or erection, installation, removal, wrecking and dismantling of structural, architectural and reinforcing iron and steel, ornamental lead, bronze, brass, copper and aluminum, and plastics or other materials when used in place thereof.
The work performed by ironworkers includes, but is not limited to:
• Steel and metal houses and packaged buildings.
• Bridges, viaducts, cableways, tramways, monorails.
• Locks, gates, metal forms, railings (including pipe).
• Steel towers, energy producing windmill type towers, nuclear reactors.
• Frames in support of boilers.
• The installation of metal siding and metal roof decking, regardless of the fastening method, or what it is fastened to.
• All reinforcing work in connection with field fabrication, handling, burning, welding and tying of all materials used to reinforce concrete structures.
• The signaling, rigging, hoisting, aligning, bolting, riveting, or welding of structural-steel members.
• The unloading, loading, distributing, stockpiling, hoisting, rigging, and handling of materials used by ironworkers and all cleanup work.
Work process:
(1) Structural:
(a) Erecting:
• Connecting
• Fitting
• Hooking on
• Bolting up
• Torquing
• Signaling
• Preengineered buildings
• Sheeting
(b) Rigging:
• Cranes
• Derricks
• Land rigs
• Cable splicing
(c) Maintenance of equipment:
• Dismantling
• Field rigging
• Moving field equipment
(2) Welding:
(a) Acetylene welding
(b) Electric arc welding
(c) Cutting and burning
(d) Heliarc.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 39.12 RCW, RCW 43.22.270 and 43.22.051. WSR 00-15-077, § 296-127-01339, filed 7/19/00, effective 7/19/00.]
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