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PDFWAC 296-127-01309

Cabinet makers.

For the purpose of the Washington state public works law, chapter 39.12 RCW, cabinet makers set up and operate a variety of woodworking machines and use various hand tools to fabricate and repair wooden cabinets, sashes, doors, and furniture in a shop or plant.
The work includes, but is not limited to:
• Study blueprints or drawings of articles to be constructed or repaired and plan sequences of cutting or shaping operations to be performed.
• Mark outline or dimensions of parts on paper or lumber stock, according to blueprint or drawing specifications. Match materials for color, grain or texture.
• Set up and operate woodworking machines, such as: Power saws, jointer, mortiser, tenoner, molder and shaper to cut and shape parts from woodstock.
• Trim component parts of joints to assure snug fit, using hand tools, such as: Planes, chisels, or wood files. Bore holes for insertion of screws or dowels by hand or using boring machine. Glue, fit and clamp parts and subassemblies together to form a complete unit, using clamps or clamping machine. Drive nails or other fasteners into joints at designated places to reinforce joints.
• Sand and scrape surfaces and joints of articles to prepare articles for finishing. Dip, brush or spray assembled articles with protective or decorative materials, such as stain, varnish, or paint.
• Install hardware such as: Hinges, catches and drawer pulls.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 39.12 RCW, RCW 43.22.270 and 43.22.051. WSR 00-15-077, § 296-127-01309, filed 7/19/00, effective 7/19/00.]
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