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PDFWAC 284-43-3150

Notice of internal review determination.

Each carrier's review process must require delivery of written notification of the internal review determination to the appellant. In addition to the requirements of WAC 284-43-3070, the written determination must include:
(1) The actual reasons for the determination;
(2) If applicable, instructions for obtaining further review of the determination, either through a second level of internal review, if applicable, or using the external review process;
(3) The clinical rationale for the decision, which may be in summary form; and
(4) Instructions on obtaining the clinical review criteria used to make the determination;
(5) A statement that the appellant has up to one hundred eighty days to file a request for external review, and that if review is not requested, the internal review decision is final and binding.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060. WSR 16-14-106 (Matter No. R 2016-11), § 284-43-3150, filed 7/6/16, effective 8/6/16. WSR 16-01-081, recodified as § 284-43-3150, filed 12/14/15, effective 12/14/15. Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060, 48.43.525, 48.43.530, 48.43.535, and The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, P.L. 111-148, as amended (2010). WSR 12-23-005 (Matter No. R 2011-11), § 284-43-535, filed 11/7/12, effective 11/20/12.]
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