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PDFWAC 284-19-180

Statistics, records and reports.

(1) Statistics. The facility shall maintain separate statistics on business written in accordance with this plan. The facility shall make:
(a) A quarterly report to the commissioner including:
(i) Number of requests for inspections,
(ii) Number of risks inspected,
(iii) The number of risks accepted, total and average premiums charged, high and low premiums,
(iv) The number of risks declined, and
(v) The number of reinspections made on conditionally declined risks.
(b) Additional reports as required by the commissioner.
(2) Records. The facility shall maintain complete and separate records of all business transactions, including copies of all policies and endorsements issued in accordance with this plan.
(3) Reports to members. Regular reports of the facility's operations shall be submitted to all members by the committee. The reports shall include:
(a) Premiums written and earned;
(b) Losses, including loss adjustment expense, paid and incurred;
(c) All other expenses incurred; and
(d) Outstanding liabilities.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060. WSR 98-13-095 (Matter No. R 98-10), § 284-19-180, filed 6/16/98, effective 7/17/98; Order R-69-1, § 284-19-180, filed 1/28/69.]
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