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PDFWAC 284-170-260

Provider directories.

(1) For each carrier that uses a provider network, the carrier must make information about that network available to the general public, prospective enrollees and enrollees, in the form of an easily accessible and searchable online provider directory.
Easily accessible for the purposes of this section means:
(a) The general public is able to view all of the current providers for each plan in the provider directory on the carrier's public website through a clearly identifiable link or tab and without creating or accessing an account or entering a policy number; and
(b) If a carrier maintains multiple provider networks, the carrier must post the current provider directory for each plan so the general public is able to easily discern which providers participate in which plans and which provider networks.
(2) Carriers must make a printed copy of the current provider directory available to an enrollee upon request as required under RCW 48.43.510 (1)(g). The printed directory must contain the carrier's telephone number, including a TTY/TTD number, and any other contact information to enable the enrollee to obtain information about providers in the health plan network.
(3) Printed and online provider directories must be made available to the general public, prospective enrollees and enrollees in a manner that accommodates individuals with limited-English proficiency or disabilities.
(4) Printed and online provider directories must be updated for accuracy at least monthly. To ensure accuracy:
(a) Each provider directory must include clear instructions about how a consumer or an enrollee can report inaccurate information in the provider directory to the carrier.
(b) Carriers must have an easily available method for providers to report changes to their provider directory information, in addition to any reports associated with initial or renewed credentialing used by the carrier.
(c) Carriers must investigate reported inaccuracies from providers and consumers, and if verified, correct inaccuracies as part of the carrier's monthly updates.
(d) Carriers must establish processes and procedures to confirm the accuracy of provider directory information, including processes and procedures to ensure that changes are made when inaccuracies are verified. Carriers must provide the processes and procedures and any associated records, including the provider directories, to the commissioner upon request for review.
(5) Printed and online provider directories must include the following information for each provider:
(a) The provider's location and telephone number;
(b) The specialty area or areas for which the provider is licensed to practice and included in the network;
(c) Any in-network institutional affiliation of the provider, such as hospitals where the provider has admitting privileges or provider groups with which a provider is a member;
(d) Whether the provider may be accessed without referral;
(e) Any languages, other than English, spoken by the provider; and
(f) If a provider offers mental health or substance use disorder treatment services, identify in the directory that the provider is contracted to deliver mental health or substance use disorder treatment services.
(6) A carrier must include in its printed and online provider directories a notation of any primary care, chiropractor, women's health care provider, mental health provider, substance use disorder provider, or pediatric provider whose practice is closed to new patients.
(7) Printed and online provider directories must include information about any available telemedicine services, including any audio-only telemedicine services that are available, and specifically describe the services and how to access those services.
(8) Printed and online provider directories must include information about any available interpreter services, communication and language assistance services, and accessibility of the physical facility, and the mechanism by which an enrollee may access such services.
(9) Printed and online provider directories must include information about the network status of emergency providers as required by WAC 284-170-370.
(10) In both printed and online provider directories, the carrier must indicate that, if an enrollee is unable to locate a gender affirming treatment provider, the carrier must identify a gender affirming treatment provider.
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