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PDFWAC 262-01-110

Contents of the qualified allocation plan.

(1) The commission shall adopt a qualified allocation plan as required under section 42 of the code (the "plan"), which shall:
(a) Set forth selection criteria to be used to determine housing priorities of the commission which are appropriate to local conditions;
(b) Give preference in allocating housing credit dollar amounts among projects that:
(i) Serve the lowest income tenants;
(ii) Are obligated to serve qualified tenants for the longest periods; and
(iii) Are located in qualified census tracts and the development of which will contribute to a concerted community revitalization plan; and
(c) Provide a procedure which the commission shall follow in monitoring projects for noncompliance and for notifying the Internal Revenue Service of such noncompliance and in monitoring for noncompliance with habitability standards through regular site visits.
(2) The plan shall include the following selection criteria among others, for allocating housing credit dollar amounts: Project location, housing needs characteristics, project characteristics (including whether the project includes the use of existing housing as part of a community revitalization plan), sponsor characteristics, tenant populations with special needs, use of public housing waiting lists, tenant populations of individuals with children, projects intended for eventual tenant ownership, project feasibility, and viability as a low-income housing project.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.180.040(3). WSR 01-11-034, § 262-01-110, filed 5/8/01, effective 6/8/01. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.180.040. WSR 93-01-122, § 262-01-110, filed 12/21/92, effective 1/21/93.]
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